Sunday, May 29, 2005

From just south of Hamilton

My home, also known as "Just south of Hamilton" also known as "Cayuga" also known as "Somewhere between Caledonia and Cayuga" and most accurately known as York. It's a tiny town, there are actually more people living in my current apartment building than live in York.

But here I am at home, trying to suppress my rage at (and get a better tan than) my friends who are visitting California this week. Jerks.

Actually I am really happy for them. They deserve a vacation more than anyone I've known, and I hope that they have a lot of fun down there. But don't tell them that I said that. I would hate to seem like I'm softening up.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

A Second Entry

We are finally having some beautiful weather in the north, and as much as I hate to spend any of it in front of a computer screen I thought that I ought to write another entry for my thousands of daily readers.

I have a massive confession... I have never seen a single Star Wars movie in all my life. Not one. And about 8 years ago I made a promise that when all three of the new first episodes had come to theatres that I would have a Star Wars marathon and watch every single movie. Well the time has come, and I have suddenly realized that that's a lot of science fiction for one person. I am curresntly waiting on my significant other and friends to get back to me on when this ridiculous event is going to take place (since apparently they're all in). When I do watch all of them I will be sure to write about it in my blog. Only the coolest of cool people write about Science Fiction/Fantasy movie series in their blogs.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I can't even believe I'm doing this...

I have decided to start a blog to talk about the meaningless trivial events of my daily life. I actually see this as a positive step towards not boring my friends, family, boyfriend, co-workers, fellow student and people I meet randomly on the bus with these stories. Now I can bore the cyber world!

The advantage to boring the cyber world is that I don't really feel as guilty. The disadvantage is that when I tell my stories online no one can see the expressions on my face or hear the tone in my voice which is aparently the highlight of my story telling. I have been described as being "a little dramatic". I have the capacity to turn a relatively simplistic thing into a rather lengthly and involved tale. As my brother would say "So basically you scratched your hand?".

To the two people who I'm sure will not let me hear the end of this after I berated them for their geekiness at having blogs- please be certain, although I can no longer mock you for your blog-nerdom I will still find other ways to mock you both... for instance (J) for your disturbing knowledge of Star Trek (A) for your nick name in first year university, due to your resemblence to a WB character... just for starters :)

Anyways, that's all for now!