Monday, January 28, 2008

Power Thirst

This video from does not require any set up from me. I simply invite you to enjoy:

Thursday, January 24, 2008


**** apologies to everyone who tried to read the previous version of this as a spelling nightmare. It was late and I did not double check my sentences for errors and edits ****

I have a new occupant on my list of "freebie list".

By "freebie list" I am of course refering to the Friends episode where they talk about having a list of five celebrities that "you can have sex with and no one can get upset".

It is well known that Ewan McGregor is #1 on my list, but of course who would get upset? He is my boyfriend.

#2 is Jon Stewart, #3 is Matt Stajan (who is as of today a forward on the Toronto Maple Leafs). Recently I added a new number 4 in the person of one Jason Isaacs. If anyone can do campy villain sexier than that... well I guess they can steal his spot.

Tonight I decided on a new #5. Past occupants have included Dave Matthews, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Chapelle, Johnny Depp and that guy that plays Warrick on CSI.

But my new #5 is...

drum roll please

I think that Stephen may be replacing Jon slowly as my comedic crush. Just as Jon once replaced a 1970s Alan Alda who replaced a 1960s Micheal Palin.

Mind you if I do ever perfect that time machine I started in grade 11...

** Also, on a more serious note, read Angelo's blog as he has posted a very nice tribute to Heath Ledger

Thursday, January 17, 2008


Which Office character are you?

You are most like Pam Beesly, the friendly voice of reason in a sometimes chaotic workplace. The bright spots of your day include pulling practical jokes, playing FreeCell on your computer and making people happy by doing extra, unnecessary work.

That quiz could have gone a lot worse.

May the Farce be with You

Strangely, I wonder if his ability to impersonate Frank Oz characters ever made George Lucas consider double casting him as Yoda:

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Word of the Day

I need a new home page. I currently have a personalized MSN homepage with links to this web log and Farcebook, as well as a news feed from CBC, TSN and MTV. This is all fine. What I really ought to get rid of is my MSN Encarta word of the day.
I started writing them down when I noticed that the overall difficulty seemed to be decreasing:


while they are undoubtably very fun words, and I am not calling anyone who does not know their meaning foolish, "Word of the Day" is supposed to specialize in teaching me words that are obscure and out of common usage, the kind that will help me win in Scrabble and look smart when I post. Not words I had to write definitions to in Grade 10 English. Mind you, I should probably try to use "moniker" more often.

Well even if I don't get rid of Encarta I have to do something about my horoscope:

"You may feel like you are walking a young puppy that just does not want to stay still, dear Aries. The puppy is curious and at times rather reckless, as he does not know of the dangers of cars or a twisted leash. You have a great responsibility to teach this dog some lessons while at the same time giving him a bit of free rein to go out and explore on his own. Earn the respect of others by tempering discipline with fun."

I'm going to go ahead and file that under "WTF?"

Monday, January 07, 2008

"Animals Close-Up With a Wide-Angle Lens"

Little Angel Liz on right shoulder: Elizabeth, don't forget, you promised your web log readers that you would post today.

Little Devil Liz on left shoulder: Oh for crying out loud, like anyone's even going to notice.

Little Angel Liz: I'm sure her readers have noticed a slight improvement in her posting of late, and are now holding her to a higher standard of writing.

Little Devil Liz: Oh please, just stick a cute animal picture up and go back to your decaf and Futurama Season II DVD.

Little Angel Liz: I'm sure that Liz would never stoop to something so broad and banal when she's working so hard on improving the quality of her web log.

2 hours later:

Lyrics of the "Is it really THAT late?"

"The New Year" -Death Cab for Cutie

So this is the new year.
And i don't feel any different.
The clanking of crystal
Explosions off in the distance (in the distance).

So this is the new year
And I have no resolutions
For self assigned penance
For problems with easy solutions

Someone feeling a little bitter? Hee hee hee.

Better post tomorrow. I promise. Call it a resolution of improvement on this post.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007: A final look back (Stolen from Angedrew)


Where did you begin 2007?
In Falcon Bridge at Luke D. Norton's

Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

How old were you?

What was your outlook on the world?

How were you doing at school/your job?
I was mostly bemused to discover that no one at work seemed to notice if I was there or not.

What did you most look forward to?
Getting home at night to watch Simpson DVDs

Did you make New Year's Resolutions?
I'd like to think that the answer is no. Otherwise it bodes very poorly for my stick-to-it-iveness.

What was your biggest worry?
That no one at work seemed to notice whether or not I was there. Exactly how long would I decay at home before anyone worried?

Who was your best friend?
Jenny, Andrew and Steph

What did you do with your spare time?
DVDs, Gameboy, Guitar on occasion

Describe your birthday?
I worked a double, and was then treated to DQ and Charlie Chaplin.


Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
No. I sense a theme...

Had your outlook on the world changed?
Actually I was a great deal more cheerful

What did you spend your summer doing?
Filming a movie, working at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden, and standing in line for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Did you get a tan?
A little.

Who'd you hang out with?
Zach and Yvonne, my family and on a rather notable evening Andrew and a young man who required an endless supply of stories.

Did you go visit anywhere?

What was your biggest worry?

What was the most fun event that happened?
I was so pleasantly surprised my enjoyment of the Simpson's movie I seem to always think of that. I also had a lot of fun at camp.


Still got a significant other?
Stupid questionaire thingy

How old are you?

Any new additions to your family?
Not quite yet. We have a new comer August 2008 marrying in. That's right. Some people actually chose to join!

What music will you remember 2007 by?
The Arcade Fire

Best movie you saw this year?

What major changes have happened since the year began?
I've been through several jobs, and am now at one that I actually enjoy. I entered and exitted a college program I loathed and I've moved to Toronto.

Is your life any different from when it started this year?
Quite a lot. I am much happier and less anxious. I had a good summer, which helped get me back on track and more serene.

What thing that happened stands out in your mind?
Going back to Woodeden had a very good effect on me, but truthfully the thing that effected me the most was having my best friends all move to Paris.

How have you changed?
I'm a little less ridiculously pessimistic. Mind you ask me how I feel about life next time I'm menstrating and this quiz might look a lot different.

Are you happy with how the year went?
It is the first summer that I have enjoyed in years. The last half of the year went OK I supposed. Meh, like Angelo said: It happened.

FOR 2008...

Do you think it'll be better or worse than this year?
It'll be more interesting.

What do you plan to do next year?
Get out of debt. Ha!!

What are your New Year's resolutions?
To make at least some effort at actually acting.


What's one thing would you like to say as the year is done?

I am going to Bonnaro this year, regardless of financial capabilities. Who's with me?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Oh Eight

I have absolutely no doubt that this year will be an eventful one.

My new years resolution is to make a real effort at acting.

I have this amazing job at ErinOak, but I don't get enough hours. It is time to force myself to take acting seriously and try to get work. If only the infamous words of Homer weren't ringing in my ears. "Trying is the first step towards failure".

None the less...

I am also determined to quite playing the hermit. I have been spending too much time brooding alone in my apartment in TO. Good for reading, blogging and general geekdom, very bad for friendships and attracting the opposite sex. Would you believe that most men do not list "Skills at Nintendo Wii" or "Watched Seasons 4-7 of the Simpsons with commentaries on" on their "Attractive Attributes" list? Something about having a good personality and breasts... whatever.

And here's a very special episode of Scrubs:

I heart Scrubs.

Elliot: Can't we just go home, put on our PJs and watch Grey's Anatomy?
JD: I do love that show, it's like they've been watching our lives and put it on TV