Thursday, January 03, 2008

2007: A final look back (Stolen from Angedrew)


Where did you begin 2007?
In Falcon Bridge at Luke D. Norton's

Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

How old were you?

What was your outlook on the world?

How were you doing at school/your job?
I was mostly bemused to discover that no one at work seemed to notice if I was there or not.

What did you most look forward to?
Getting home at night to watch Simpson DVDs

Did you make New Year's Resolutions?
I'd like to think that the answer is no. Otherwise it bodes very poorly for my stick-to-it-iveness.

What was your biggest worry?
That no one at work seemed to notice whether or not I was there. Exactly how long would I decay at home before anyone worried?

Who was your best friend?
Jenny, Andrew and Steph

What did you do with your spare time?
DVDs, Gameboy, Guitar on occasion

Describe your birthday?
I worked a double, and was then treated to DQ and Charlie Chaplin.


Did you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
No. I sense a theme...

Had your outlook on the world changed?
Actually I was a great deal more cheerful

What did you spend your summer doing?
Filming a movie, working at Easter Seals Camp Woodeden, and standing in line for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Did you get a tan?
A little.

Who'd you hang out with?
Zach and Yvonne, my family and on a rather notable evening Andrew and a young man who required an endless supply of stories.

Did you go visit anywhere?

What was your biggest worry?

What was the most fun event that happened?
I was so pleasantly surprised my enjoyment of the Simpson's movie I seem to always think of that. I also had a lot of fun at camp.


Still got a significant other?
Stupid questionaire thingy

How old are you?

Any new additions to your family?
Not quite yet. We have a new comer August 2008 marrying in. That's right. Some people actually chose to join!

What music will you remember 2007 by?
The Arcade Fire

Best movie you saw this year?

What major changes have happened since the year began?
I've been through several jobs, and am now at one that I actually enjoy. I entered and exitted a college program I loathed and I've moved to Toronto.

Is your life any different from when it started this year?
Quite a lot. I am much happier and less anxious. I had a good summer, which helped get me back on track and more serene.

What thing that happened stands out in your mind?
Going back to Woodeden had a very good effect on me, but truthfully the thing that effected me the most was having my best friends all move to Paris.

How have you changed?
I'm a little less ridiculously pessimistic. Mind you ask me how I feel about life next time I'm menstrating and this quiz might look a lot different.

Are you happy with how the year went?
It is the first summer that I have enjoyed in years. The last half of the year went OK I supposed. Meh, like Angelo said: It happened.

FOR 2008...

Do you think it'll be better or worse than this year?
It'll be more interesting.

What do you plan to do next year?
Get out of debt. Ha!!

What are your New Year's resolutions?
To make at least some effort at actually acting.


What's one thing would you like to say as the year is done?

I am going to Bonnaro this year, regardless of financial capabilities. Who's with me?

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