Thursday, January 24, 2008


**** apologies to everyone who tried to read the previous version of this as a spelling nightmare. It was late and I did not double check my sentences for errors and edits ****

I have a new occupant on my list of "freebie list".

By "freebie list" I am of course refering to the Friends episode where they talk about having a list of five celebrities that "you can have sex with and no one can get upset".

It is well known that Ewan McGregor is #1 on my list, but of course who would get upset? He is my boyfriend.

#2 is Jon Stewart, #3 is Matt Stajan (who is as of today a forward on the Toronto Maple Leafs). Recently I added a new number 4 in the person of one Jason Isaacs. If anyone can do campy villain sexier than that... well I guess they can steal his spot.

Tonight I decided on a new #5. Past occupants have included Dave Matthews, Wynton Marsalis, Dave Chapelle, Johnny Depp and that guy that plays Warrick on CSI.

But my new #5 is...

drum roll please

I think that Stephen may be replacing Jon slowly as my comedic crush. Just as Jon once replaced a 1970s Alan Alda who replaced a 1960s Micheal Palin.

Mind you if I do ever perfect that time machine I started in grade 11...

** Also, on a more serious note, read Angelo's blog as he has posted a very nice tribute to Heath Ledger

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qwiggles said...

I belatedly thank you for the link!