Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ghost World

Yesterday I went over to my friend's place to watch Ghost World. It's such a solid movie, but I think that there are probably enough pages on the internet dedicated to the coolness of Ghost World that using my blog to praise it would be unnecissary.
I do think however that when I watch Ghost World I get a little self-absorbed and cranky. Partly because the movie itself is just so darn cynical, but also because I wish I had been that cool in high school- or that I was that cool now.

Nerdily enough I am a fan of the comic book as well:

I watched the movie with my friend Andrew who spends a great deal of his time talking about the coolness of various people. He's pretty cool himself, and makes a pretty darn good friend- even when he forgets to put me in his links section :p

A short thingy on the Tempest. The play had a pretty successful run. As Tova mentioned I've never been in a play where there hasn't been a low energy night. We went out and gave it our all. I was really fortunate to work with Steph and Tova as my comedic counter parts. Both of them were so easy to work with and the three of us had a lot of fun, and occasionally some good wine/water fights.

That's probably all for me for a little while, I am off tomorrow to my fella's cottage (camp for you northern folks) for a few days. Happy Canada day! I've never meant that as strongly as I do today. Way to go Canada for standing behind equality!

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Liz the Computer Wiz

I have a decent knowledge of Microsoft Office, I know how to navigate online and I'm a good typist. Past that my knowledge of computers is pretty limitted (as became evident in my attempt to use links in my blog originally). I did however recently fix a massive malfuntion in my computer in the strangest way possible.

I will explain it in lay-man's terms since that's the only way in which I actually understand it.
My computer was turning on and telling me that I had a critical problem with one of my drivers, then it was logging onto my Windows account as though I had never installed or downloaded anything (with about 8 icons and that cheesy green fields desktop background). All of my files were gone and the computer kept sending system failure reports, giving me a million pop-up warnings, trying to access the internet and shutting down at random. I tried system restore and it refused to do it, and as far as I could tell I hadn't downloaded a virus. Finally after logging on I decided to try all of the different windows and figure out what each was doing. One of the windows popped up and said that it was trying to re-install Corel Word Perfect 10. I moved all of the other crazy stuff out of the way and tried to figure out what was going on.

That's when I figured it out. Word Perfect had uninstalled and therefore uninstalled a driver file that my system was reliant on to run. So I stuck in the Word Perfect 10 CD and let it install. As soon as it was installed my system was running totally normally, but I didn't have any of my files. I was on the verge of total freak out (none of my documents including a few theatre practicum journals that are due next week, none of my pictures or movies and much more freak outish.... none of my music). But all was not lost. Thank goodness for System Restore! I restored the bugger to two weeks ago and she's back to normal :D

Sometimes I would like to do a system restore on my life. I've been known to screw things up from time to time (almost consistently the day after I've been drinking heavily) and somedays I would love to be able to erase that and just start up again as though I hadn't downloaded any viruses or wrote an angry letter to my landlord... or wrote a lame poem on my blog that I feel obligated to keep up so that I won't feel like I chickened out :S

At any rate, I now pronounce myself computer genius, and I promise next time I'll talk about the Tempest.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Invited to a Vogon Coffee House

This is a poem about how my poetry sucks:

Maybe you were right
All along, about the world
Everything, even us
This is all there is
and humanity is not
capable of love

A dark spiral of ruthless hurtful cruelty
speeding the inevitable collapse of this meaningless planet
with no turning back.
Alone in a universe of empty friendships, skepticism
and an addiction to our own unhappiness.

So what if I'm afraid of you being right? It's not about you,
it's about my own lack of faith. About my ultimate realization
that IT'S not worth fighting for. The "beauty" isn't there,
there is no connection... what HAVE the stars done for us anyways?

A disconnect and ultimately a perfect loneliness in this
wretched pathetic conversation that spans from the end of childhood to the day I die.

So when does this become cliche?
Writing pointless diatribes about the downfall of our world
and the stupidity of mankind

What's so unique and
smart about me that I can
see what's clear as day
and write about my pain...
I'm so melodramatic
a broken-heart poem.

How original

Thursday, June 23, 2005

All About Me

Sort of like an email survey. But not quite as spammy...

I stole this information thingy from Luke's web site:

1. If you woke up tomorrow morning and you were the opposite gender, what would be the first thing you'd do?

Call all the gay guys I had super crushes on in high school.

2. If you could be invisible for a whole day, what would you do?

Take a free trip courtesy of Air Canada to Greece. Then I would perform a one woman rendition of Oedipus the King at the remainder of the Theatre of Dionysus.

(Luke-As far as sneaking into the US government buildings goes... remember that the American people have already elected Bush knowing full well that he's done all kinds of crazy lying crap that's been completely public)

3. If you could completely get rid of one fashion trend that you personally don't like, what would it be?

Capris pants. It's a shortlegged-person thing.

4. If you could dye your hair ANY colour, what colour would you choose?

At the moment I'm in a brown mood. I guess that's not very exciting. Maybe Orange.

5. If you could look like any celebrity, who would you choose and why?

Kate Winslet is my hero.

6. If you could spend one hour with ANYONE, (alive or dead) who would it be, and why?

Abraham Lincoln, John Kennedy, Joan of Arc, Ghandi, and Cleopatra. All in a high school... with a crazy principal and his mechanical butler.
My real answer is probably Shakespeare.

7. If you won a million dollars in the lottery, what would you do with the money?

After I finish paying back all of my debt to the bank, my credit cards, my mother and father and pay my tuition and living expenses for the duration of school... I think I'll donate the last $1000 to the STC.

8. If you could tell one person ANYTHING, what would it be, and who would it be?

Strange... this seems to be going on the assumption that this "one person" wouldn't be reading this blog, and thus defeats the significance of answering. Presumably if I could answer the question in blog format I would just be able to tell the person. Curious.

9. If you saw your favourite celebrity in the street, what would be your first reaction?

“Jon Stewart Leibowitz, will you marry me?" (he claimed that he dropped the Leibowitz because it sounded "too Hollywood")

10. If you could change your first name to anything you wanted, what would you change it to?

Jamie. I fricken love that Weezer song, I want it to be about me.

11. What's one feature of your appearance that you absolutely like?

I tan like it's nobody's business

12. If you were told today that you had only a month to live, what would be all the things you would do, or say before you died?

I would like to finish writing a play over the course of the month. Hopefully a half way decent one. Then I would like to get all of my "theatre friends" together to be in it and perform it for my family and other friends. Then have a cool cast party at my house... that someone else hosts :p

13. If you could change any part of your appearance, what would it be?

My attitude about my appearance.

14. If you had your own line of cosmetics, what would you call it, and what kind of products would you make?

"Acme Make-Up" It would all be oil-free and acne friendly. In fact I would chemically engineer it to cleanse pores while covering the face.
Maybe it's good that I got out of science.

15. If you had your own line of underwear, how would you design it?

I would make "old lady" extra-comfy cotton underwear with the word "COMMANDO" written across the front.

16. If you could have one super power, what would it be?

To read minds.

17. If you had the choice would you rather be Marilyn Monroe for a day,or Madonna?

Marilyn Monroe. But back in her day. JFK was fricken hot.

18. Do you believe your dreams have significance?

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar... but when they're in my dreams it's usually a phallic symbol.

19. Total number of films I own on DVD/video --

36- Of which 8 are movies I've stolen from Joe and pretend that they are mine

20. The last film I bought

Dr Strangelove. That is so depressing. I bought it over a year ago and it was with a gift certificate for my birthday.

21. Last film I watched at home -

Plan 9 from Outer Space!!

22. Six films I watch a lot or mean a lot to me

...I have stolen half of these from other people's lists:

Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail- I say Grail over Life of Brian because while they are about even on a comedic level the QFTHG is by far the funniest non-satirical movie of all time. It's just much weirder and more random. Graham Chapman's acting is totally brilliant in it too.

on a more profound level:
American Beauty- I haven't learned a lot in this world yet, but one thing I've definatly picked up on: If you can't find beauty in something ordinary you won't be able to find it in anything really extraordinary either.

Closer- This is such an intense movie. One cannot watch this movie and not look at their own life and their own relationships with people and examine their interactions differently.

The Fisher King- This is just a really touching film about life and love. I think it says a lot of very "cliched" but ultimately meaningful things with out beating you over the head senseless with its moral.

Pleasantville- This on the other hand beats you totally senseless with its moral. I just really like what it has to say. I always think it's worth the risk to live in Technicolour :P

Adaptation- This is another one that's sort of about living in Technicolour. There's actually totally a running theme here I've never noticed before. Weird.

Runners-Up include: Magnolia, Contact, My Left Foot, The Cider House Rules, Big Fish and South Park: Bigger Longer and UnCut

23. Tag 5 people and have them answer these questions on their blog

Much like Luke I am too lazy to send this around, if you want your own go to Luke's page or Andrew's.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Let's try again

My previous post that involved linking should have been a clear demonstratrion of the academic standards at Trent University when you consider that I actually passed a computer programming course there. So let's test the waters again, shall we? Check out the new Teen Girl Squad at Homestar Runner. Well, here's hopin'...

Monday, June 20, 2005

Listen to your actor


A full 50% of my audience has complained that I have yet to write about my Star Wars watching experience (sorry the other 50% of you will have to wait for me to blog about the beach picnic another day :p)

I was comletely drawn into the Star Wars universe. I can totally see why people find this so damned addictive. I'm a Yoda girl myself, but I was also impressed with Princess Leia. After watching 5 or 6 hours of Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman do their darnedest with dialogue that makes the relationship in a porno movie seem more plausible, watching Princess Leia and Han Solo interact was a real treat.
Also watching the episodes from 1-6 gave me such an appreciation for watching Darth Vader throw Emperor Palpatine off the platform in Return of the Jedi. It just felt so darn rewarding.
I now appreciate all Star Wars references a great deal more.

GIMPY: So you can be on my side, and the darkside? Like Lando Calrission?
ROCKO: Yes Gimpy, like Lando Calrission

Team America: World Police-
GARY: You don't need to see my identification (uses Jedi-mind trick)

The Simpsons-
MARK HAMMEL: Homer, use the for...
HOMER: The force? Use the force?
MARK HAMMEL: No! The Forks! Use the Forks!

I really like the button that I got from LA- thank you other 50% of my audience ;)
It is a button of Yoda saying "Judge me by my size do you?" which I just adore. I'm kind of a little wee short myself, so I thoroughly enjoy the sentiment.

That's all for this entry. May the forks be with you.

Friday, June 17, 2005

I need a pet

I live on my own (just for the millions of people that read this everyday that don't personally know me). I get extremely lonely at times, my apartment is entirely too big for one person and there's really only so much time that one can spend with one's own thoughts that can be considered healthy.
I think I would like to get a pet. The trouble is that I don't know what kind of pet. I've only ever owned dogs and goldfish. My life style doesn't particularily accomodate a dog, nor does my financial situation. I seem to have a bad effect on cats, they attack me... a lot... and I don't know why. I am usually pleasantly surpired not to come home to rodents in my apartment. Birds are out of the question. Bunnies would at least have the cuddly aspet, but they smell too much. So that kind of leaves me with fish. Or maybe a venus fly trap.

I miss my doggy :( More so than I thought I would to be honest. I thought that if I was away at University when she died at the very least I wouldn't notice as much. But I do notice. That's all for today. This thing is kind of addictive in a "I get to vent, but not really to anyone in particular" sort of way.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Linking fun

Alright I'm trying my hand at this putting links in my blog thing. Visit my friend Jay'slink blog to read my profound thoughts about God. Visit my boyfriend Joe'slink blog to read about evolution. Or if you want to stick around here and stare at my pretty colourful page, feel free.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just for the record

I just want to go on the record.

In my last post the time of night is stated as 7:30 or something... I can't read it from this window OK?

The point is that I was NOT that drunk by 7:30pm... it was 11:30pm Eastern Standard Time.

Yes I was drinking alone. No I didn't end up going out dancing :(

The point is, that while I was drinking large quantities of alcohol on my own for no real reason... it wasn't at 7:30... that would just be pathetic.

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Random thoughts after a drink of Kaluha

I'm about to go out dancing, and I just found a bottle of Kaluha in my fridge! YEEHAW!!!

I thought I would write stupid things on my own blog, to subdue the temptation to go to my various friends and significant other's blogs and write silly, ridiculous and down right dirty things on their blogs.

Otherwise this entry has no particular purpose, unlike my other entries of course which have all been profound and thought-provoking.

If there are spelling mistakes present please note that it's pretty impressive that I have typed this much coher... coh... co...

this much this well up to... this point... Oh man...

Alright well I think this post has platoo... plat...

has reached it's peak.

Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Breaking News: Not all of Sudbury total eye-sore!

I went for a drive with my fella last night down Long Lake road, and discovered that there are actually relatively attractive parts of the Greater Sudbury area. In fact the Long Lake area is really quite nice. I highly reccommend cruising out there. Or taking Copper-Four Corners and going for a little hike.. OK a big hike... but it will be worth it I assure you.