Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Ghost World

Yesterday I went over to my friend's place to watch Ghost World. It's such a solid movie, but I think that there are probably enough pages on the internet dedicated to the coolness of Ghost World that using my blog to praise it would be unnecissary.
I do think however that when I watch Ghost World I get a little self-absorbed and cranky. Partly because the movie itself is just so darn cynical, but also because I wish I had been that cool in high school- or that I was that cool now.

Nerdily enough I am a fan of the comic book as well:

I watched the movie with my friend Andrew who spends a great deal of his time talking about the coolness of various people. He's pretty cool himself, and makes a pretty darn good friend- even when he forgets to put me in his links section :p

A short thingy on the Tempest. The play had a pretty successful run. As Tova mentioned I've never been in a play where there hasn't been a low energy night. We went out and gave it our all. I was really fortunate to work with Steph and Tova as my comedic counter parts. Both of them were so easy to work with and the three of us had a lot of fun, and occasionally some good wine/water fights.

That's probably all for me for a little while, I am off tomorrow to my fella's cottage (camp for you northern folks) for a few days. Happy Canada day! I've never meant that as strongly as I do today. Way to go Canada for standing behind equality!

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elan_sleazebaggano said...

"Partly because the movie itself is just so darn cynical"

I think the wonderful thing about that movie is that it gives you a choice. You can grow up to be all misanthropic like Seymour - absorbed in hobbies, with few friends and a strong sense of how things 'should be' even though one has completely taken themselves out of reality. Or you can say 'fuck that', and get on the bus at the end of the movie, leaving behind the life you thought you had figured out, but didn't. Not that either choice is 'good', since the realities that brought her down in her hometown will probably exist wherever that bus takes her.. I don't really remember how the comic ends (though Seymour has a much different character in the book).. I haven't read it in like forever.

But yeah, it does have an overall downer feel. It certainly exposes what people carelessly refer to as 'growing pains'. What former outsiderish teenager can't relate to that movie?

Star Wars is good too, though.