Monday, June 20, 2005

Listen to your actor


A full 50% of my audience has complained that I have yet to write about my Star Wars watching experience (sorry the other 50% of you will have to wait for me to blog about the beach picnic another day :p)

I was comletely drawn into the Star Wars universe. I can totally see why people find this so damned addictive. I'm a Yoda girl myself, but I was also impressed with Princess Leia. After watching 5 or 6 hours of Hayden Christiansen and Natalie Portman do their darnedest with dialogue that makes the relationship in a porno movie seem more plausible, watching Princess Leia and Han Solo interact was a real treat.
Also watching the episodes from 1-6 gave me such an appreciation for watching Darth Vader throw Emperor Palpatine off the platform in Return of the Jedi. It just felt so darn rewarding.
I now appreciate all Star Wars references a great deal more.

GIMPY: So you can be on my side, and the darkside? Like Lando Calrission?
ROCKO: Yes Gimpy, like Lando Calrission

Team America: World Police-
GARY: You don't need to see my identification (uses Jedi-mind trick)

The Simpsons-
MARK HAMMEL: Homer, use the for...
HOMER: The force? Use the force?
MARK HAMMEL: No! The Forks! Use the Forks!

I really like the button that I got from LA- thank you other 50% of my audience ;)
It is a button of Yoda saying "Judge me by my size do you?" which I just adore. I'm kind of a little wee short myself, so I thoroughly enjoy the sentiment.

That's all for this entry. May the forks be with you.

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