Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Up and down and all around

Tonight is another low one.

My new job is sketchy to say the least. The Buffet that I serve at... which we will call the "Green Flower Bed Buffet" is a health and safety nightmare. The kitchen is digsgusting (food sitting everywhere on surfaces I don't think have been washed... ever, fat and grease caked on to every surface, boxes and garbage and dirty dishes piled everywhere all the time, etc) It's seriously frightening.
This combined with a sexist hiring policy (only women can be servers) has posed a serious ethical dilema. I can do one of three things: 1) Proceed as I am currently, 2) Complain to the manager, 3) Quit.

Truthfully I will probably do #1. Besides being totally spineless I am also REALLY enjoying the tips that I make at lunch. Even if it's because I'm busting my butt as the only server for the entire rush time.

At any rate. Now I've gotten to vent so I don't feel quite so bad. Perhaps some food will improve my overall well-being. Off I go!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sign of the Bull

I get one of those Daily Horoscope things on my homepage. Most days I just roll my eyes, but today was blog-worthy:

"If you've been thinking about starting a garden, this is a great day to do it, as anything relating to the land begun today is likely to thrive. Doubts about your financial security might be on your mind, dear Aries. They're probably misplaced, as you should continue to do well. However, your doubts can serve a purpose in that they could inspire you to take steps to ensure that your situation continues. Go to it!"

I can't even begin...

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Please keep checking now and then. I will eventually post something new when I have some energy.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How Bill Sanders saved my life

Firstly: I am on an LU French keyboard so I apologize for the MLAish Formal Essay writing style of this post as I cannot use contractions.

I have been working at the LU Bookstore of late (more on this subject later) and after work yesterday I made a mad dash to the Acting for the Camera class at Thorneloe. Why? Long story. A clue: I thought that the activity of the day would be watching the movie that was made at the end of last year, however the class was doing something else.
Bill invited me to join in as each student got in front of the camera, and with the lense inches from our face he proceeded to tell us all what he saw. In particular whether a casting director would give us the time of day.
It was too late to run.

I have long been informed that I am not a female romantic lead. I do not pretend that I am (though I have let myself get crushed by this the odd time). It is difficult to accept when one has a passion to act that she will always be type cast as mean teachers, drunks and assistant directors because she is a ¨character actor¨. As Bill so eloquently noted ¨See Steve Buchsemi will not play a male romantic lead, because he is an ugly motherfucker¨. Sigh.

In classic Liz-defensive style I tried to avoid going in front of the camera and on my way up I made cracks about how Bill was going to break my heart by telling me I would never be a Juliet. I got in front of the camera and Bill said ¨Wow Liz, I am surprised, you can TOTALLY be a female romantic lead.¨

And I thought: ¨WHY DID I NOT TAKE THIS CLASS THREE YEARS AGO?!¨ You know when I still had a shred of self-confidence to build on? Hm, perhaps that would have been more like ten years ago.


It is probably a good thing that the bookstore job is only temporary. I really do not belong there:

Student: I am looking for American Popular Music for Music in Pop II
Me: Oh god, you DO NOT need to buy that book. He just lectures straight from the text every class and it is stupidly easy.

Student: This text book is expensive, but I really want a fun elective this semester.
Me: You should take Theatre Movement. It is super fun and there is no text!

Student: Holy crap, $260 for Quantum Physics!
Me: Yeah, but if you had a PhD in Quantum Physics, would you want to charge people $260 for your brilliance?

Good looking male student: Hey your name is Liz right? We met on the bus!
Me: Heh, uh.. yeah... me... yes... me Liz.

Plus I wander around the store during down-time and read text books. Because I am a NERD.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Revenge of the Who (Liz's Holiday)

Like any year Christmas came much the same way,
but Liz's landlord's heart didn't grow one size that day.
Liz left her apartment, notice in hand,
but before she departed she had a plan.

She taped up some signs warning those who might rent
to be weary of hazards before their money was spent.
The broken TV and oven and chair
the path that's not lit where you easily trip on the stair.

And before she departed she poured down the sink
some two week old milk that had started to stink.
As her final remark to her landlords of past:
Hope your Christmas was Merry, but you can both kiss my ass.