Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Up and down and all around

Tonight is another low one.

My new job is sketchy to say the least. The Buffet that I serve at... which we will call the "Green Flower Bed Buffet" is a health and safety nightmare. The kitchen is digsgusting (food sitting everywhere on surfaces I don't think have been washed... ever, fat and grease caked on to every surface, boxes and garbage and dirty dishes piled everywhere all the time, etc) It's seriously frightening.
This combined with a sexist hiring policy (only women can be servers) has posed a serious ethical dilema. I can do one of three things: 1) Proceed as I am currently, 2) Complain to the manager, 3) Quit.

Truthfully I will probably do #1. Besides being totally spineless I am also REALLY enjoying the tips that I make at lunch. Even if it's because I'm busting my butt as the only server for the entire rush time.

At any rate. Now I've gotten to vent so I don't feel quite so bad. Perhaps some food will improve my overall well-being. Off I go!

1 comment:

Joe said...

Sounds like "The 5100's" kitchen is clean by comparison. Scary.

I used to eat at the "Green" fairly frequently. :-S

"only women can be servers"
"I am also REALLY enjoying the tips that I make at lunch"

Don't feel guilty - how many idiot guys were there at ES Camps who were paid twice what you made? It's about time sexist policies benefited you economically. ;-)

And anyways, if you complain I'd bet they'd fire you, one way or another, because they're... sexist.

Complain AFTER you quit. To the OHRC. :-D