Sunday, December 16, 2007


There's a brilliant site on the internet that has comic book covers that are well... um. Yep. Um.

There's an entire section on Propoganda in Comic Books that is especially... um.

Firstly I shall link you to God comics. I haven't even begun checking them all out, but I can't imagine I will find anything to top this. It is. Huh. Um...

Mind you there is a more recent comic that I discovered. It's called Liberality. I hope that the ultimate villain is Jon Stewart.

I'm going back to see if anything tops that God Comic. I pray that nothing will.


And now I've been laughing non-stop for like an hour and a half. The actual inspiration for this site is apparently "Superman is a Dick" a section of comics depicting Superman... well being a dick. There are over a hundred of them. This one however, has a sepcial place in my heart. We finally identified the second shooter. Seriously, check this site out. You'll laugh til it hurts. And believe me it will hurt.


Joe said...

those... made me laugh for quite some time. I especially liked The Fighting Yank: America's Bravest Defender. It's fantastic. It's got Nazis, a hero in a tricone hat, flags out the wazoo, drugs, saws, a fondue pot in the bottom left hand corner, a guy in bondage and a guard with a gun that appears to fire small airbags. And it's Issue #10! It could, however, use a few more swastikas (imho).

You might like this blog:

Joe said...

um.. try again.. this blog:

Joe said...

ok Joe... step away from the html tags... :-P

Andrew J. Root the First said...

I am a very big fan of the one where Superman uses his heat vision to destroy a gift from Jimmy while simultaneously telling him what a horrible son he is.

What a dick.

Where do you find this stuff? It's genius!

Andrew J. Root the First said...

Wow! I was just reading through the Propaganda section and came across the Spiderman drugs cover (with the kid in the Oilers jersey). I totally have that somewhere!