Sunday, March 01, 2009


This is a special offer to upgrade your current previously viewed posts and comments now available in the Liz's Blog PLUS library. You will be charged $0.40 a comment and $0.80 a post to upgrade. Just click Buy All and new versions of your items below will be downloaded in Liz's Blog PLUS.

For more information about Liz's Blog PLUS read our FAQ.



1. Why on earth would I want to pay for something I get for free?

An excellent question. When you get something for free... anything for free it is stealing. Would you steal a car? Would you steal a purse? Would you steal the plans to the Death Star? Then why would you steal mus... I mean blog posts?!

2. You know I actually paid for a bunch of this stuff already...

Really? Sucker... I mean that's good, but what you paid for was low quality crap. Liz's Blog PLUS gives you blog posts in the highest possible quality, and comments so good you can almost hear them. At only $0.40 more the original Comments are only for suckers who don't know the meaning of value.

3. What if I don't sign up? What happens to the blog?

I'm glad you asked. You will have the option for each and every old post and comment to either keep it in your blog library or delete it permanently so that you will never have to have your eyes and ears poisoned by standard definition.

4. Are you just going to pull this same crap again in five years, thus forcing me to upgrade my iTu... Blogger library again to a PLUS 2.0 edition?

Naturally. But it's only because it's an excellent way for us to make even more money on what we've sold you without the original artis... ahem commenters getting a dime.

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