Wednesday, August 12, 2009

New Apartment!

Hey all!

I am moving... again... (I know). Still this is by far the nicest apartment I've ever had my credit approved for! As of Sunday August 16th I will be a resident of the City of Burlington. I will share some pictures:

Above: view of Lake Ontario from Balcony. Industrial Park not included!

The living room (soon to have a new TV and entertainment centre)... I just stopped this post to close my browser so that my "Language Settings" change would take effect. I will not have Chrome underline "centre" or "theatre" again! Damn yanks...

The Kitchen

My bedroom!

Stay tuned for apartment-warming party (80% sure on August 30th) and pictures with furniture.


Andrew said...


Looks noice!

joe said...

Wow, good find. Spacious and such a nice view from your balcony! Almost as good as Pearl st, am I right? ;-P