Thursday, October 08, 2009

America the Beautiful

Here we are! The long awaited* pictures from my family's road trip to Virginia:

On the first night of our drive we ate dinner at the Olive Garden. Scott and I insisted because we hadn't eaten at the Olive Garden in like forever. It's like dining in the backyard of a delightful Italian stereotype.

My other exciting nerd-core moment on the way down was a stop in Pennsylvania to Breezewood to rescue my newest gnome. Meet Syd-gnome Crosby!

Also pictured: the Appalachian Mountains.

Whilst driving along the Blue Ridge Mountains we saw several deer. I would also show the video of the bear we saw, but unfortunately most of the video is disrupted by my brother and I making fun of our Mother for shouting "It's a bear! A bear!" as she JUMPED OUT OF THE CAR!

We were heading down for my Grandfather's 90th Birthday. And no don't get too excited- that doesn't mean I have good genes.

Here my cousin Doug plants one on my Grandma:

And finally my parents:

And on that note: Happy Birthday Mom!!

*Not entirely certain anyone was awaiting these... but I like to think you all were.

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