Thursday, January 05, 2006

A Surprisingly Not-Crappy Day

Feeling a little better about school all and all- Not quite as self-pitying/ self-absorbed as I was or usually am, which is always a good step.

I was really dreading acting class today. Truthfully I have been dreading this class since before Christmas holidays. Acting was stressing me out unbelievably and I really wasn't enjoying myself. Today, however, I felt good about something I did on stage for the first time in a little over a month. It was just a small thing, but it's a little boost of confidence that I needed. I wasn't feeling like I was actually capable of doing this realism scene, or quite frankly, that I was capable of doing any scene. I just really haven't been in the mood for acting for a while now, something that I hadn't really experienced before. I was glad that I was off book better than I thought for the scene and that I made some actual character progress. Sarah (the TA) is also really great for positive feedback and criticism, so that helped a lot.

I was also kind of dreading Shakespeare class today. 1) Because we were getting a bunch of assignments and crap back, 2) Because of the three vaccant desks surrounding my own, 3) Because I was quite worried we would be quizzed on Anthony and Clepatra, which I recently discovered can not be entirely read in one hour. But this also turned out to be a pretty great class. I got an A on my essay, which is pretty damn exciting. I've never actually gotten an A on "real" essay before, so that was kind of neat.

I rounded off my day by accompanying Steph to Human Evolution (a class that I took two years ago but for SOME reason :P really wanted to re-visit).

Now I am making up a costume plot and trying to figure out what to do for my autorama.
The autorama is supposed to be a one person play (performed by each student) about our own lives. Not that I've ever had a lot of trouble making my life the centre of everyone's attention, but to make my life actually worth watching for 6 minutes may prove more difficult than simply telling random stories everyone's heard five hundred times.

Speaking of going on at length about my life, I think shall finish off this post and go try to do something productive. The rest is silence.

(PS: I love using that to randomly end things that I otherwise have no ending for)

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