Friday, May 11, 2007

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What does it matter? you're all on Facebook now anyways

That's not true, Erica is still here ;) Although she's probably hung-over. I am.

Truely I'm updating whether or not there are people here because I realized something the other night. After years of trying to force myself to keep a journal, I finally have. I have been writing in this stupid thing for almost 2 years now and even if it hasn't improved my creative writing one ounce, I do have a sort of portal to my past out of it. Which is a little cool.

Status: I still have not heard back from Grad school. And it is not amusing me. I am emailing Concordia today to find out what is going on because I'm getting a little anxious. Actually replace "a little" with "excessively" and the word "anxious" with "insane".
Zellers is Zellers and peddling booze is peddling booze. It pays the bills, I hate most of humanity most of the time and everything would be a lot better if I didn't have "performance goals" and "high fives" and "bosses" and could just do my damn job. Actually I like my Check-out manager at Zellers. But pretty much everyone else I report to is a dick.
Cambrian rez is actually a pretty great place to live. I have a temporary but very cool roomate. I never thought I would actually be sad to have a whole apartment to myself, but I'm enjoying having her here. She's very easy going, and we've been chatting a swapping life stories. Here is a brief view of my semi-decorated rez room:

I kid of course, I will eventually purchase hangers, but for now I kind of enjoy the look. It's actually quite a nice size as well. As for security... heh heh heh, well I had to resort to a little breaking and entering the other night as a result of locking my keys in my room. I am happy to report that the window-screen frames easily bend and are in fact large enough for me to pass through at an upward angle.

I guess that's really all to report for now. Another update another day :)


Andrew J. Root the First said...

How's the play?

qwiggles said...

I'm still here too.

Liz said...

Sorry Angelo :p thank you for continuing to read my random thoughts. :)

kayla said...

i read!