Thursday, March 20, 2008

Faerie Lights

I made this video about two weeks ago. It's not edited nor does it have any visual effects.

Do you know what it is?


Also on the subject of YouTube- they are now having their own video awards. Most of the categories are actually a little ridiculous, but the Comedy Video category had a tough competetion going. I would have given it to PowerThirst 2:Redomination hands down, but the first PowerThirst got the nomination, and I don't think it's as good. Super Mario:Game Over is actually pretty impressive, and the Potter Puppet Pals: The Mysterious Ticking Noise has to be in a category all its own for "most painfully addictive comedy song since Banana Phone". "Shoes" of course actually premiered in 2006, but its sequel "Let me Borrow that Top" is also nominated and is pretty excellent.

I have decided to present my own awards honouring 2007's top youtube and other online movies.

Presenting The Liz Spends Too Much Time Online Awards:

Best Screenplay: "Facebook"-Berats and Bereta

Best Adapted Screenplay: "Titanic (30 second Bunny Theatre)"- Angry Alien Productions

Best Direction: "Super Mario: Game Over"-Ryan Hunter

Best Animated Short: "Intermission (The Animation Show)"-Don Hertzfeldt

Best Animated Feature Length: "Strongbad Email #167: The Movies"-

Best Short Film: "Dramatic Chipmunk" (ok, just kidding)

Best Original Song: "Mysterious Ticking Noise"-Neil Cicierega (Potter Puppet Pals)

Best Actress: Kelly (also known as Liam Sullivan) in "Let me Borrow that Top"

Best Actor: Luke Berats in "To-Do List" (Joe will have his turn)

Best Movie: PowerThirst 2:Redomination


Update: The Mysterious Ticking Noise won for best Comedy Video, which is sort of ridiculous in and of itself, but totally appropriate for YouTube.

Also, the glowing light in my video is my Mom's colour changing pathway light under three feet of snow.


Joe said...

"Do you know what it is?"

A 1960s sci-fi villain? I think I saw a Star Trek episode with an alien like this.

Looks like some kind of glowing rock.... is it a glowing rock??? :-P

Liz said...

I came so close to adding the disclaimer: It is not any form of Kryptonite.