Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Stolen from Angelo (with a twist)

Liz's Summer Movie Report Card (so far):

mark out of 10

Iron Man expected: 6.5, actual: 8 (difference +1.5)

Prince Caspian expected: 8, actual: 5.5 (difference -2.5)

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull expected: 7, actual: 7 (difference 0*)

Kung Fu Panda expected: 6, actual: 7 (difference +1)

Get Smart expected: 9, actual: 8 (difference -1)

Wall-E expected: 7.5, actual: 9 (difference +1.5)

Wall-E has definitely been the highlight this summer, though I was pleasantly surprised by both Iron Man and Kung Fu Panda. Don't get me wrong, Get Smart was awesome, but I had very high expectations for it too. There might be a lot of that going on this summer. Not that there are any other movies (possibly opening this week) that have unbelievably high expectations...

The Dark Knight expected: 9

Also have some "want to see"s with medium to low expectations. Yes I go see movies that I think will suck. Nothing lower than a 3, unless I'm dragged kicking and screaming by friends who insist that "Dude Where's My Car?" looks "funny"

Clone Wars expected: 6

Hamlet 2 expected: 4 (maybe?)

Also kind of want to see Towelhead if it makes it to a theatre-near-me.

*Oh and yes. I got EXACTLY what I expected from Indiana Jones. No more, no less.

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