Saturday, July 19, 2008

You had me at "Hello Dolly"

Given how much I talk, you wouldn't think I'd dig silent movies. I'm far from being a buff, but I am a bit of a Charlie Chaplin addict. I also tend to think that less is more with movies (and often theatre, art and music), because it forces you to focus on communicating simply and clearly. By removing one vital element (ie: dialogue) the director is forced to convey the truth of the scene in another way. When it's done effectively it can cut right to the heart of what that scene/movie is about. Hence, why I enjoy silent films.

SOOOOO how psyched was I to see a beautifully animated film where the first 30 minutes or so contained no dialogue?

I really can't say enough good things about Wall-E. The animation was gorgeous and the story was excellent (though, like most people I thought that the allegorical use of 'Buy and Large' as an antagonist was a little rich coming from Disney).

Did I just use two literary terms in one sentence? Grade 10 English was not wasted on me after all!

Back to Wall-E. As for the controversy, which I sort of promised myself I wouldn't go on an angry rant about- I just imagine a certain CNN news commentator, who shall remain nameless, having his studio blown into tiny bits by Eve everytime he talks about the liberal environmentalist agenda of the movie. Funny I thought it had a pro-earth agenda, and I guess I kind of thought that was everybody's agenda.

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