Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Simpson

While a great deal of my creative content has been coming from these days, I felt the need to direct everyone to a recent article there that brilliantly responds to the media frenzy over Jessica Simpson's weight gain.

This largely echoes the sentiment of the excellent South Park episode The List

Is Cracked secretly written by women (yes I know there are female writers for the site, but a large number of these pro-women articles seem to be written by the guys)? Are men able to more easily discuss women's issues without coming across as militant feminists? Are men actually better feminists than women?

Yes I am aware that there are a number of things philosophically and logically wrong with that statement.

Seriously though ladies, could we pick up the ball? And stop going to see movies like Bride Wars? Seriously wtf?


Joe said...

I lolled pretty hard at the cracked article. That was refreshing.

"Are men actually better feminists than women?"

That actually is a good question.. I think some are. The rest are pigs. Haha. But it's probably just easier to be a feminist man, since it mostly just involves not oppressing women and striving for equality whenever it's convenient. Women obviously have to deal with men who think women belong in the kitchen in hot pants and/or a burqa. But some men know they can't go that far so they fire women for getting pregnant, make rude sexist comments, pass women up for promotions, grope, try to brainwash young women with advertising and bad pop music, etc. etc. etc. Plenty of smart women think this is horrible and often end up in weird arguments with other women about how outdated feminism is because they don't hate men. That's what I've heard, anyways.

It's a different struggle.

And really it's just the benefit of a different perspective - sort of like how it's really easy to be an anti-racist white person. We can sit back and not oppress people all day long, and it even gives us time to comment on people's blogs about how terrible oppression is. :-D

Andrew said...

What sort of a commentary on our times is it that the idea of a woman in the kitchen in hot pants is such a taboo that it's kind of a turn on?

p.s. Word verification: "niisass" Har!