Wednesday, May 06, 2009

The Hammer

So yesterday, while out to coffee with a friend, we were asked to be in a commercial for Tourism Hamilton. Apparently you can see me quite a bit in the ad while I eat my California Salad at Williams on the waterfront.

I think it's good that they are shooting some new promotional stuff for tourism in Hamilton. The following are 3 actual photographs from the Hamilton Waterfront tourism webiste:

"Wow honey, let's go there for our honeymoon!"

Words spoken only by someone who has lived their entire life in Pittsburg, Buffalo or Sudbury.

Seriously though, the city IS NOT THAT UGLY... everywhere. And where else are you going to find a city spilt in half by a mountain? ("St. Cath-what? No no... you're mistaken, there's nothing any further down the QEW!") Also Hamilton is soon to be the site of Ontario's third NHL franchise. And the way the Leafs and Sens are playing right now it's soon to be Ontario's best NHL franchise. Also there is a championship Football team... The Sir Allan McNab Lions who won the HWIAC Zone Championship*! And let's not forget the McMaster Mauraders Basketball team, that I'm told was pretty good a few years ago.

*Defeated at SOSSA by the Lakeshore Catholic Gators of *cough* *hack* Port Colborne.

Did you know that one of Hamilton's sister cities is Flint Michigan*?! And that it shares a lot in common with another famous American city: Springfield (the one on the Simpsons!) in that Hamilton is Canada's Fattest City.

*As seen in Roger and Me!

All this city needs is a little rebranding. Personally I suggest we start with a mascot:

Also I suggest we take down all of the road signs on the 403/QEW indicating how to get to Toronto and Niagara Falls. If they can't find it, they'll have no choice but spend some time in our quality city enjoying some of the many attractions... like... uhhh... look over here at the Hamilton Airport Inn!

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joe said...

There are way too many trees in those pictures. Obviously that's why you're not getting more Sudburians.