Wednesday, May 27, 2009

"Zezel wins the face off..."

I would like to use my blog to do a quick tribute to a great Toronto Maple Leaf, Peter Zezel. When people think of the 1993-94 Leafs they think of Doug Gilmour or Felix Potvin. But when it was time for me to get a jersey I made sure mine said #25 Peter Zezel. He played centre on the Leaf's checking line and won many critical face-offs for the team. He passed away yesterday after years of struggling with hemolytic anemia. He was 44 years old.

I didn't actually scan this, but it is the same hockey card I have from my small collection:


joe said...

sorry to hear this. Every news story I read about him made a point of saying what a great guy he was.

Liz said...

You remember that tiny hockey jersey that my stuffed monkey always wore? (perhaps not...) That's my grade 5 Zezel jersey. I got it before the Leafs '94 playoff run.