Monday, March 01, 2010

Mrs. Elizabeth Crosby...

This is the face of someone who's about to make history:

"And yet all I can think about is how much sex I want to have with Liz Buchanan"

I've become a rather big fan of the College Humour affiliate Sports Pickle

I would link the goal, but apparently embedding is disabled. Also, I'm assuming that everyone in Canada has now seen said goal and isn't perhaps coming here first for the latest Canadian Olympic News.


citizenship_revoked said...

"Also, I'm assuming that everyone in Canada has now seen said goal.."

Sadly, you assume too much.

I hesitate to use my real name to sign this post because that might cause some kind of angry hockey mob (any other kind?) to track me down. But you might be able to guess who missed the greatest sports victory in Canadian History.

I have no excuse - I wasn't in a coma or being held hostage. I was ... playing video games, probably SimCity 4, and I remember getting irate because of all the honking. I thought maybe it was a traffic jam. I didn't know about the game until sometime that night, when I went out to investigate the screaming and saw all kinds of half naked drunks painted red, wearing the flag.

I am sorry, Canada.

Liz said...

You're out of luck. There's literally only one person this could be.

I was in Toronto and one of the people honking loudly. If it makes you feel better I didn't SEE it, I had to listen on the radio.

You know I'm pretty sure you can find it on youtube if you want your citizenship back.

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