Thursday, December 08, 2005

The most fun I've ever had at the JN Desmaris Library

I probably only think that this is funny because of my most recent post, and possibly sleep deprivation... but do you know the letters for the call number in the Library of Congress classification system for the Bible?


Yes every library using the Library of Congress classification system (like every major library in North America) has the bible classified as BS!
I went to look it up on the electronic catalogue and snickered the entire way to the second floor.

I wonder if the Dewey Decimal system has it as 666? Probably not.

For my Christmas story today, I just have a message to my father...

You've ruined the winter solstice!

(my brother and I like to tell my father that he's ruined various holidays for no apparent reason... it started with the ruining of Christmas, but he's already done that this year)

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Diamon said...

And how did I ruin the Winter Solstice this time?

Be careful or I'll have to tell the Christmas story about the time that you and I went to cut down the Christmas tree, and I had to carry you and the tree about three miles.