Tuesday, December 06, 2005

There's a 6:30 in the morning now?

Old Christmas memories later, new ones now.

I couldn't log in last night to post, and thus, despite my best efforts, Andrew beat me to posting about the concert. Since most people that read mine will have already read his, I'll be brief.

Here's my two cents. Since this was only the second time I'd seen DMB I was a little bit more enthusiastic. I was also desperate to hear #41 live, but my highlights also included Crash (which I'd never heard in concert) and Ants Marching (which I can never get sick of live). I suspect my enthusiasm for the band will decrease as well, but for now I'm just thrilled to have finally seen them since I became a real fan and to see them with someone who can turn "Satallite" and "Proudest Monkey" into restaurant related puns. Like the Rootman my highlights tended not to come from the set list.
The fact that they played everything we wanted along with everything we didn't want kind of added to the experience. We could totally dig the amazing stuff and then simultaniously bitch about the new crap ("I liked this song a lot better when it was called Halloween"). Bitterness is fun... but so is Crash.

PS: Special Award of the Weekend goes to Jenny for casting The Rock as an entrepeneur in the next Blockbuster smash hit of the Parry Sound area.

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