Sunday, April 16, 2006

The A-Z of Me

Thanks for the time-waster Luke!

A = Available?
“For Children’s Parties”?

B = Best Friend(s)?
Jenny, Andrew and Steph

C = Crush?
Ewan McGregor (though at this point I’ll settle for anyone with a good Scottish accent and a field full of daffodils)

D = Dog Names?

E = Easiest Person To Talk To?
The Rootman

F = Friday or Saturday?

G = Gummy Bears Or Worms?
bears (sorry Stephen Colbert)

H = Hometown?

I = If You Could Move Would You?
Hm- a better question for me might be “If you should move, would you?”

J = Jesus is?

actually a man named Brian Cohen, part of the People’s Front of Judea

K = Kids?
none that I know of ha ha ha… oh yeah

L = Longest Car Ride?
I think it might have been the night Scott and I got lost in Fisherville…

I have added an M= Most favourite person I stole this quiz from:

N = Number Of Siblings


O = One Wish?

Three more wishes

P = Phobia(s)
Birds and people biting on fabric

Q = Favorite Quote?
”I hate quotations”-Ralph Waldo Emerson

R = Reason To Smile?
You’re never fully dressed without a smile

S = Song You Last Heard?
The Fraggle Rock theme song (Season 1 DVD)

T = Time You Woke Up?


U = Unknown Fact About Me?
One thing I used to always want to do (other than be an actress obviously) was be an astronaut. I secretly wanted to do this well into my late teens despite a complete lack of skills in mathematics and physics.

V = Vegetable You Love?

W = Worst Habit?
Saying “What?” and then proceeding to answer because I actually heard exactly what you said. Any time I can do this in combination with opening my mouth to take a breath before I speak you know I am truly at my most absent-minded.

Also added: X = X-Man you would be if you could be one:

Y = Yummy Foods?
Quizzno’s Veggie Subs, Cheese Quesidillas and Eggplant Lasagna

Z = Zodiac Sign?



natty-pants said...

hahaha, I love that you connected gummy bears with Colbert's penchant for mentioning the bear on his show.

You're right, Rogue is by far the sexiest X-Men character, although I'd do all of them, even Jubilee! (well maybe not Jean Grey, she always bugged the shit out of me)

Liz said...

See it was Cyclops that always bugged me, but Jean by extension that she couldn't see Wolverine's vast superiority.

Andrew J. Root the First said...

I read an x-men parody once where Wolverine started, ended, and mediated every sentence with "bub," and everything Cyclops said was punctuated with "If only Jean were alive!"

ie/ C: "We need to stop Magneto! I bet we could if Jean were alive!"

W: "Bub, you need to stop thinking about Jean, bub! Bub, I loved bub too, bub!"

C: "I could stop thinking about Jean being dead if Jean were alive!"

Jean would have been much sexier if she'd had a name like Rogue. As such, she is uncreative and lacks in sexiness. Why doesn't she have a code name?

p.s. the last 3 letters of my verification word were "xmn"!

Angelo said...

Jean Grey smells of death.

Lala said...

I loved Fraggle Rock! I miss you Liz but I don't have your e-mail address. Write to me, kay?