Thursday, April 20, 2006

Momentary Distraction

A miracle has occured. My Beckett essay has reached 8 pages. I may actually finish this tonight! At which point I will be officially finished university. I don't want to get ahead of myself here, and I am not going to comment on the quality of the essay (given that the last essay that I thought I ROCKED I got 72% on... stupid directing), but I think it will be sufficient to pass me in Theatre History II.

And now for the summer... anyone care to indulge me in an overly philisophical Liz-centric conversation about my future? :P

Unrelated: Stephen Colbert just made my night with the word "Bard". Stephen vs. Shakespeare at its finest. I will post the link for the video tomorrow when it's up.

PS: If anyone caught that random rant thing I put up at around 4:30 and took down at around 5:20, please ignore that... I just get like that sometimes. It's all good.

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Andrew J. Root the First said...

YAY LIZ! Kick that essay's ass!