Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blue... no I mean yelloooooooo

Thanks everyone for the questions, here are the answers:

Andrew John Root in a Pythonesque manner charged me not to ignore his questions four.

Question the First: Would you ever try cocaine and under what circumstances?
No. Inhaling anything that way kind of grosses me out. Plus drugs are bad :)

Question the Second: Which island most intrigues you and why?

Madagascar for the lemurs and other fun creatures (I’m an anthropology-nerd). A close second would be the island of Yap, which is part of the Federated States of Micronesia.

Question the Third: What reasons do you have to be smug?

I didn’t realize I was smug. I thought that perhaps if I looked up the exact OED definition of smug I would be less defensive about answering the question. This did not help, BUT I learned that the word smug originates from the German word “smuk” meaning pretty. I am going to smugly assume that that’s what was meant.

Question the Fourth: Name one song, movie, and book you think the world could live without..... ?

I go so far as to say that the world would be a better place without-
Song: Untitled-Simple Plan - I actually wasn’t sure what the title of this song was so I went to a Simple Plan lyrics page looking for "a song about a spoiled brat suburban boy abnoxiously whining about how tough his life is". It took a while to find the particular one I was looking for.
Movie: The Fast and the Furious - I don’t think that movies make people do stupid things, but why encourage this idiotic behaviour
Book: Toss up between The O’Reilly Factor for Kids and How to Talk to a Liberal (if you must): The World According to Ann Coulter. Actually I suspect that that was actually my answer to “Name two people the world could live without”.

Angelo praised my word-verification for being wheelchair accessible, though I think it is actually a parking permit giving his question a space closer to my brain than all of the other questions. His was:

What is one thing you've always wished to say to a loved one but haven't gone through with because it would be deemed inappropriate? You do not need to identify the loved one.

I don’t think there’s any one thing, I don’t really sit on things for very long, and I pick my battles. It’s probably much more the way I word stuff that I would secretly change sometimes when I’m trying to spare someone’s feelings or resolve things for the best. That’s not very exciting is it? Alright, there’s a person I am very close to that I secretly hate and everyday I have to convince myself not wait until they’re asleep at night to go in and smother with a pillow. Sleep tight everyone!

Lizzie V was finally able to leave me a question. I am so sorry Lizzie V, all this time I thought I actually had the function on for people to leave anonymous comments. I always wondered why people told me that they read my blog, but never left a comment. At any rate… Liv asked:

What in your 23 years do you regret doing (or not doing) the most?

Well going to Alberta was not the best decision I ever made, but I’ve stopped actually waking up in the middle of the night from bad dreams and freaking out that I might still be there, so I guess I can see it as a learning experience of sorts. I also probably should have gone on the Europe trip in high school. I could have borrowed the money the extra money I needed, back then $1000 was a lot of money to be in debt.

If you could be any celebrity who would you be and why?

Heh- alright there’s a real answer to this that I probably shouldn’t give, because there’s no way it won’t look bad. I do adore Kate Winslet and I also think Naiomi Watts and Helen Bonham Carter are very talented and beautiful actresses who I wouldn’t mind being for a day or so. I do kind of like being me, though.

You have a choice between 10 million dollars or marrying a now bankrupt Ewan... what do you do?

Marrying Ewan. Contrary to popular belief it is not Ewan’s fame or money that attract me to him. That’s superficial. I think he’s hot and has a really sexy accent and I’ve seen him in a full frontal nude scene, so I am attracted to him in a much deeper way than money and fame.

Here are some questions from Erica (Whom I usually refer to as Erica):

1. When you think of Acting II what is the first thing that comes into your head?

I think the day Sarah made us write those poems and read them out and I suddenly realized what my “wall” was in acting. It was incredibly liberating, and I knew that my real work had only just begun, but it was nice to finally understand what it was going to take to act.

2. If you could go anywhere in the world tomorrow where would you go and how long would you stay?

Great Britain. I’d like to do about a month or so of the whole British Isles. A week in London, Stratford and all those other important English places, a week in Scotland, a week in Ireland and a week in Wales.

3. If you had the opportunity to save Jon Stewart's life and have him indebted to you forever and ever but you first had to be the one to endanger his life would you do it?

I would be too scared that I wouldn’t be able to properly save his life after endangering him. And a world without Jon Stewart might as well not be a world… and it’s likely not to be if the Republicans stay in power…

That was a pretty sour note to end on.

I have a job interview at a really cool place on Monday. I have some very positive vibe from my “ins” there, and it would be a really fun job. I will post more if I get it. No sense getting hyped up.
I also did my audition last night and I think that it went very well. The director gave me some positive feedback and said he would be in touch soon. So a bit of a nervous weekend, but things are finally starting to roll down here. Thanks again for the questions, they were all really good/tricky ones!

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