Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Toughening up in my young age

Stephie will be pleased, I finally found the x-men parody I was searching for:

Death Becomes Them

Things continue to be insanely up in the air right now, but I made an important discovery this weekend.

Everyone tells you that when you finish University you have to start in the "real" world. The funny thing is, nothing has ever felt more real than the three years I spent in Sudbury at LU or the year I spent in Peterborough at Trent (save perhaps a couple of summers at Lakewood. Sudbury doesn't just feel like home, it feels like life. I also realized, however, that this particular reality I was living for sometime is no longer an option. Something I don't think I even fully realized or considered when I moved. This was not a happy realization
It is scary, but on some level I know that I can take this on, and I know that I can take it on myself. Because I am a little tougher than I give myself credit.

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