Thursday, July 06, 2006

What you don't get online is the picture of me right next to the picture of Johnny Depp

For the full story go to The St Catharines Standard.

Liz Buchanan's character mistakes Hutchinson's Antipholus as her husband during the play. Playing Adriana, who is married to Antipholus of Ephesus, the 23-year-old recently moved to Welland after studying theatre at Sudbury's Laurentian University.

Originally from Canfield
(? that's a new one), just outside Cayuga, Buchanan's first acting experiences with Shakespeare came while in university. She was assistant director for Hamlet and was Stefano in an all-female cast of The Tempest, which was staged outside.

When she saw the audition call for Comedy of Errors, it appealed to her right away.

"There's something nice about doing Shakespeare outdoors," she said. "I'm enjoying it a lot. We've got some interesting characters and that always appeals to me. At first glance, the female characters seem to be one note but there's a lot you can do with them."

Buchanan, who is currently working at the Keefer Mansion Inn in Thorold, said the only challenge she's faced in the production is that everyone is new.

"Everybody has been very welcoming. It's a very fun group, very talented, and that has made it easier," she said.

Buchanan said she has benefited from working with people who have such varying theatre backgrounds.

"A lot of people think Shakespeare is over their head and they won't enjoy it because they think it might be boring, but there's beautiful language and a lot of fun stuff here," she said. "I love Shakespeare and hope everybody gets a chance to enjoy it."

Not bad. I would like to think I answered more eloquently than that, but probably not :P

Just don't be surprised if I don't post the review.

PS- The other good news: normally the prospect of having a brand new actor playing a prinicipal part tht I spend most of my time acting with on stage a week before the show would bother me. In this case I'm thrilled, I have a new Lucianna!


joe said...

wow! that's pretty cool. Good publicity for the play, and something to laminate and stick on the fridge at home. ;-)

"Originally from Canfield (? that's a new one)"

I guess they just picked a random Haldimand County community? At least it's (sort of) on the map!

Your loving husband, E. Antipholus said...

"...the only challenge she's faced in the production is that everyone is new."

Thanks, sweetie. :p

Given the level of experience of at least a third of the cast, I'm assuming it was a misquote.

Liz said...

What I meant was that everyone is new to me. If you read on, silly, I said that it was great working with people with all different levels of experience :p

PS: Googled the article eh?