Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blue Christmas

How this December feels as told by the Fraggles at their Winter Solstice Festival of the Bells:

MOKEY: We should do something to try to keep our spirits up.
WEMBLEY: How about a postcard from Gobo's Uncle Travelling Matt?
RED: Stand by spirits going down!


It looks like my luck is about to change! How do I know? A pigeon crapped on my shoulder today. The grosser the dropping the better the luck right?



Joe said...

"The grosser the dropping the better the luck right?"

Each chunky bit grants a wish.

Think about it though - the fact that it didn't crap in your hair & down your face is kind of lucky. That happened to D.. he hasn't been right since...

Liz said...

That's very true actually.

And I was kind of serious, my luck has been slightly picking up since then.

Merry Christmas :)