Saturday, December 09, 2006

The movie of my life (as written by my WMplayer)

Opening Credits:------------- Mr Brightside-The Killers (seems like the kind of music that would start a film, but what does it say about me?!)

Waking Up:-------------------- Bitches Brew-Miles Davis (this is my new official nickname for my daily coffee fix)

First Day At School: --------- 2+2=5-Radiohead (Well what do you expect? It's only my first day.)

Falling In Love: -------------- Foxy Lady-Jimi Hendrix (Apparently with a real hot Mama! Or as I often expect, Jimi Hendrix)

Breaking Up:------------------ Subterranean Homesick Blues-Bob Dylan (Um... AHA! It's a lack of clear communication in the relationship.

Prom:-------------------------- School Night-Ani DiFranco (Yes well.)

Dance Sequence:------------ This Must Be the Place-The Arcade Fire (covering the Talking Heads) (Strangely I can actually picture this working as a dance sequence in a movie: it starts off kind of slowly, some people start catching on, a few sing...)

Life's OK:---------------------- Caring Is Creepy-The Shins (Brilliant. Only when I stop caring will life be OK)

Breakdown:------------------- I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-Tom Waits (Wow, this is a whole new level of love-related cynicism)

Driving:------------------------ Those To Come-The Shins (Driving very slowly, at night as stars appear)

Flashback:--------------------- Crash Into Me (live)-Dave Matthews Band (Probably a flashback of me stalking Dave Matthews)

Getting Back Together:------ Coin Operated Boy-The Dresden Dolls ("my sad picture of girl getting bitter")

Wedding:---------------------- Not About Love-Fiona Apple (I hope I'm at least marrying for money)

Sex Scene:-------------------- Waiting for a Superman-Iron and Wine (covering The Flaming Lips) ("Is it getting heavy?")

Birth of Child:----------------- Don't Panic-Coldplay (Easy for you to say!)

Final Battle:------------------- I'll Believe in Anything-Wolf Parade (Oh I'm definitely winning this battle!)

Death Scene:----------------- I Am Over It-The Dandy Warhols (By "it" I mean "life", I mean that was SO yesterday)

Funeral Song:---------------- Tangled Up in Blue-Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls (live, covering Bob Dylan) (Please do play this at my funeral actually. That would be excellent)

End Credits:------------------ One Chance-Modest Mouse (I couldn't make this up)

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Andrew J. Root the First said...

Har! (on many levels)

Have you seen the video for "I'll believe in anything"? It's perfect for a battle song!