Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some how or other it came just the same...

Christmas 2006

This month did not start with much Christmas festivity. Perhaps better than SOME Decembers in the past, but certainly a little humbuggish.

However within a few days of being back with the Buchanan clan, I am ho-ho-hoing again.

The season started with some of our long-standing traditions: I rearranged all of the decorations on the tree in the usual way that I conujur up concerns of an obessive compulsive disorder linked to evenly spaced ornaments, my Grandmother from the states called my father while cooking the "Buchanan Family Traditional Raselberry Pudding" to get the recipe, and of course we rearranged my mother's little snowmen:

Apparently we're "making" her crazy. She was in slightly better mental health at the Christmas Eve service where our church has started reading the King James version of Luke 2:1-15 ("on Earth peace, goodwill to man" because THAT'S what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown).

Other traditions include my brother and I exchanging presents before the midnight service:

and waiting at the top of the stairs for Dad to take a picture of us coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Note my brother's enthusiasm at me waking him up at 8am:

(apologies for the orientation, it's taking forever to load images)

Scott's enthusiasm however has nothing on Mog's enthusiasm:

A few traditions went by the way side for us this year. I had been sad originally about some of these (family dinner, not putting my decorations up, no Christmas cookies) BUT something else proved far more exciting and memorable for this Christmas:


It was a surprise to many, but my Grandma and I knew better :)

I guess it was us three living together this summer, we saw it coming. Anyways, I am very happy for them, as they are both very cool people.

Not to be out-done ;) my parents renewed their vows for their 25th Wedding Anniversary:

Congradulations Mom on getting into your wedding gown. They both look awesome!
The ceremony took place tonight, and they are off to Mexico to enjoy their second Honeymoon.

So that was Christmas 2006. A nice surprise if I do say so myself.
And now I leave you with what will potentiall be next year's card, or my album cover:

Mariah has NOTHING on me.

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joe said...

great pics! glad your holidays went well.