Thursday, December 28, 2006

Some how or other it came just the same...

Christmas 2006

This month did not start with much Christmas festivity. Perhaps better than SOME Decembers in the past, but certainly a little humbuggish.

However within a few days of being back with the Buchanan clan, I am ho-ho-hoing again.

The season started with some of our long-standing traditions: I rearranged all of the decorations on the tree in the usual way that I conujur up concerns of an obessive compulsive disorder linked to evenly spaced ornaments, my Grandmother from the states called my father while cooking the "Buchanan Family Traditional Raselberry Pudding" to get the recipe, and of course we rearranged my mother's little snowmen:

Apparently we're "making" her crazy. She was in slightly better mental health at the Christmas Eve service where our church has started reading the King James version of Luke 2:1-15 ("on Earth peace, goodwill to man" because THAT'S what Christmas is all about Charlie Brown).

Other traditions include my brother and I exchanging presents before the midnight service:

and waiting at the top of the stairs for Dad to take a picture of us coming down the stairs on Christmas morning. Note my brother's enthusiasm at me waking him up at 8am:

(apologies for the orientation, it's taking forever to load images)

Scott's enthusiasm however has nothing on Mog's enthusiasm:

A few traditions went by the way side for us this year. I had been sad originally about some of these (family dinner, not putting my decorations up, no Christmas cookies) BUT something else proved far more exciting and memorable for this Christmas:


It was a surprise to many, but my Grandma and I knew better :)

I guess it was us three living together this summer, we saw it coming. Anyways, I am very happy for them, as they are both very cool people.

Not to be out-done ;) my parents renewed their vows for their 25th Wedding Anniversary:

Congradulations Mom on getting into your wedding gown. They both look awesome!
The ceremony took place tonight, and they are off to Mexico to enjoy their second Honeymoon.

So that was Christmas 2006. A nice surprise if I do say so myself.
And now I leave you with what will potentiall be next year's card, or my album cover:

Mariah has NOTHING on me.

Friday, December 22, 2006

It hasn't snowed a single flurry, Fozzie we're all in a hurry!

I'm heading home in 3 hours :)
Have a Merry Christmas all! Lots of love to you and yours, and peace on earth goodwill to man.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Blue Christmas

How this December feels as told by the Fraggles at their Winter Solstice Festival of the Bells:

MOKEY: We should do something to try to keep our spirits up.
WEMBLEY: How about a postcard from Gobo's Uncle Travelling Matt?
RED: Stand by spirits going down!


It looks like my luck is about to change! How do I know? A pigeon crapped on my shoulder today. The grosser the dropping the better the luck right?


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Huh, didn't see that one coming.

I can't help but feel I've abused this power.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Public Service Announcement

The latest cartoon on The Perry Bible Fellowship, while seemingly amusing is actually addressing a serious medical condition. Tetris Cerebrus, or Tetris Brain, occurs when the mind has been playing Tetris non-stop for extended periods of time (generally in the absense of work or study) and begins to sort everything as such. They begin stacking things in their mind and planning out strategies for particularly difficult Tetris scenerios in their sleep. The symptoms generally clear up after a few days of self-control:

Friday, December 15, 2006

How the Grinch stole my heat

Liz lived in Sudbury and liked Christmas a lot.
But her landlords, who lived south of Sudbury did not.
Her landlords turned off the heat in the cold Christmas season,
now please don't ask why, no one quite knows the reason.
It could be perhaps that their funds were too tight,
Or perhaps that their heads weren't screwed on just right.

But I think that the most likely reason of all, may have been that their hearts were two sizes too small.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Waiting for Godot

Oops. Godot came while I was Dooly's


I am waiting for a phone call, and in the meantime I have stolen an activity from the Rootman:

7)Lizzie V
9)Michael Hooper

Q: Have you ever kissed number 7 (Lizzie V)?
A: We must have. I am certain of it. But just to be sure I will kiss her the next time I see her.

Q: What's the best memory you have of 9(Michael Hooper)?
A: Well basically I have two to chose from, last New Years Eve and "Get in the duct hatchet face!". I'll go with MST3K

Q: When's the next time you're gonna see 4(Luke)?
A. Hopefully Saturday night?

Q: Is number 8 (Erica) pretty?
A: Downright beautiful!

Q: What was your first impression of number 10 (Natalie)?
A: "Oh hey you're Natty-pants, I'm the Tizzer!"

Q: How did you meet 3 (Angelo)?
A: I want to say Erica's party two summers ago, though we kind of met by extension of the blogging community I believe.

Q: Is 11 (Scott) your best friend?
A: Actually yeah.

Q: Have you seen 5 (Laura) in the last month?
A: Yep, at the MacBeth opening and Tartuffe auditions.

Q: Do you think 2 (Andrew) has a crush on you?
A: (my best recollection of the subtitles) "No, you owe me an explanation! First you fall into my arms out of the sky, then when I show up at your school to do an inspection there you are! You are even in my dreams, you must really have a crush on me" -Life is Beautiful (kind of)

Q: When was the last time you saw 12 (Genevieve)?
A: I believe it was at a party of Erica's for her birthday sometime ago.

Q: Have you ever been to 1's (Joe's) house?
A: Once or twice

Q: Would you ever kiss 6 (Xander)?
A: Only because I was specifically directed to do so :P

Q: When's the next time you'll see 10 (Natalie)?
A: Good question. Perhaps I'll eventually make it out to Australia!

Q: Are you really close to 3 (Angelo)?
A: Not REALLY, but he's seen me on the verge of a mental collapse. Actually so have most people I know, so I don't know if that qualifies. Sorry Angelo.

Q: Have you ever been to the movies with 4 (Luke)?
A: Actually... I don't think we have! That's craziness.

Q: Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2 (Andrew)?
A: We did think we were getting in trouble once. We probably SHOULD have gotten in a lot more trouble in Shakespeare than we did.

Q: Would you ever go out with number 7 (Lizzie V)?
A: Especially when she's a rich doctor! She's buying!

Q: What do you and number 3 (Angelo) talk about the most?
A: I guess movies and the stress of applying to grad school.

Q: Do you even know 9 (Michael Hooper)?
A: I suppose not very well. Particularly given the fact that I know him by extension of others and still refer to him by his full name.

Q: Would you give number 3 (Angelo) a hug?
A: What are we in grade four? In any case I got my cootie shot back then.

Q: Would you ever go on a date with number 10 (Natalie)?
A: Sorry Natalie, I don't swing that way. I could never date an English major :p

Q: Are you in love with number 12 (Genevieve)?
A: I can't say that I am. But then I've never been very good at telling that.

Q: Have you ever lied to number 6 (Xander)?
A: Well I did tell him I would get him a copy of that video and didn't get around to it. Doh!

Q: Do you know a secret about number 8 (Erica)?
A: I'd take it to the grave if I did.

Q: Describe the relationship between number 9 (Michael Hooper) and number 5 (Laura).
A: Uhhh... the both have commented on my blog?

Q: What is the best thing about your friendship with number 4 (Luke)?
A: The random open mouth kissing.

Q: Have you ever danced with number 7 (Lizzie V)?
A: As a matter a fact we did in a play to some trippy music.

Q: How long have you known number 12 (Genevieve)?
A: I guess a little over a year.

Q: Have you ever been in a fight with number 8 (Erica)?
A: Well if she had just admitted that she loved Aminta in the first place he wouldn't have thrown himself off a cliff!

Q: Does number 9 (Michael Hooper) have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
A: No idea.

Q: Have you ever been a coworker with number 2 (Andrew)?
A: Being the same number on each other's questionaires doesn't make this very interesting. I'll make something up- "Actually we were both stationed together in the gulf. Andrew took a bullet in a gun battle for me and I pulled him from the flaming wreck when his jeep hit a land-mine. We've been friends ever since."

Q: Have you ever wanted to punch number 6 (Xander) in the face?
A: Xander, if you still read my blog, surely you can appreciate why the answer is "yes". Let's face it. We all wanted to hit everyone all the time.

Q: Has number 1 (Joe) ever met your mother?
A: Yes. Within ten minutes she had told a story about our old dog having diahhrea. She always does that.

Q. How did you meet number 6 (Xander)?
A: It was a comedy of errors. I mistook him for a man I mistook for my husband.

Q: Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 5 (Laura)?
A: I made her do some very uncomfortable exercises to warm up for a show. But that's just because she was fooling around ;)

Q: What is the best memory you have with number 12 (Genevieve)?
A: We don't really have any. Soon perhaps!

Q: Do you live close to 7 (Lizzie V)?
A: Fairly. Maybe about 30 minutes

Q: What is number 2's (Andrew) favorite food?
A: Sheppherd's Pie :)

Q: Out of your top 12, which one would you say is the funniest?
A: Tie- Joe/Andrew

Q: Who is the most flirtatious?
A: Luke can really turn on the charm.

Q: If you could change one thing about number 10 (Natalie), what would it be?
A: Not a darn thing. She seems pretty swell the way she is.

Q: Say something nice about number 11 (Scott).
A: Aw Mom! Fine... he... doesn't really suck...

Q: Which one lives the farthest away?
A: Natalie is on the other side of the planet

Q: Which one do you hang out with the most?
A: Andrew.

Q: Who is the loudest?
A: Xander. That's why our marriage worked so well.

Q: The quietest?
A: Scott. 90% me, 10% awkward silence.

Q: What kind of car does number 12 (Genevieve) have?
A: No idea

Q: Have you traveled anywhere with number 11 (Scott)?
A: Why yes. We've been to New York State, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ottawa, New York City, Washington DC and Florida.

Q: If you gave number 5 (Laura) $100 dollars tonight, what would they spend it on?
A: I hope something very nice for herself, but I bet she'd buy nice Chirstmas presents for her friends and family.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas brings out the child in us all

I don't pretend to have a very mature sense of humour, but I think this is a new low.

I was in line at the dollar store and something odd caught my eye. There were these sucker/lollypop Christmas things next to the cash registar, but one of them was broken:

To be fair, even if Santa's hand wasn't broken off, Rudolph's face definitely implies that something very not right is going on.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

The movie of my life (as written by my WMplayer)

Opening Credits:------------- Mr Brightside-The Killers (seems like the kind of music that would start a film, but what does it say about me?!)

Waking Up:-------------------- Bitches Brew-Miles Davis (this is my new official nickname for my daily coffee fix)

First Day At School: --------- 2+2=5-Radiohead (Well what do you expect? It's only my first day.)

Falling In Love: -------------- Foxy Lady-Jimi Hendrix (Apparently with a real hot Mama! Or as I often expect, Jimi Hendrix)

Breaking Up:------------------ Subterranean Homesick Blues-Bob Dylan (Um... AHA! It's a lack of clear communication in the relationship.

Prom:-------------------------- School Night-Ani DiFranco (Yes well.)

Dance Sequence:------------ This Must Be the Place-The Arcade Fire (covering the Talking Heads) (Strangely I can actually picture this working as a dance sequence in a movie: it starts off kind of slowly, some people start catching on, a few sing...)

Life's OK:---------------------- Caring Is Creepy-The Shins (Brilliant. Only when I stop caring will life be OK)

Breakdown:------------------- I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You-Tom Waits (Wow, this is a whole new level of love-related cynicism)

Driving:------------------------ Those To Come-The Shins (Driving very slowly, at night as stars appear)

Flashback:--------------------- Crash Into Me (live)-Dave Matthews Band (Probably a flashback of me stalking Dave Matthews)

Getting Back Together:------ Coin Operated Boy-The Dresden Dolls ("my sad picture of girl getting bitter")

Wedding:---------------------- Not About Love-Fiona Apple (I hope I'm at least marrying for money)

Sex Scene:-------------------- Waiting for a Superman-Iron and Wine (covering The Flaming Lips) ("Is it getting heavy?")

Birth of Child:----------------- Don't Panic-Coldplay (Easy for you to say!)

Final Battle:------------------- I'll Believe in Anything-Wolf Parade (Oh I'm definitely winning this battle!)

Death Scene:----------------- I Am Over It-The Dandy Warhols (By "it" I mean "life", I mean that was SO yesterday)

Funeral Song:---------------- Tangled Up in Blue-Ani DiFranco and the Indigo Girls (live, covering Bob Dylan) (Please do play this at my funeral actually. That would be excellent)

End Credits:------------------ One Chance-Modest Mouse (I couldn't make this up)

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hippy Holidays


Funny story: When I first put this link up for my post the report was different. It was titled something like "Canada defends Same-sex marriage law" and was about the MPs defeating Prime Minister Harper's motion on reopening the Same-Sex marriage debate. The link now leads to a story about Stephen Harper declaring that he will not reopen the issue. Had it read that way initially I wouldn't have given it a "Go Canada" title, but a "Take that you dumb-ass Albertan Neo-Con" title.

In the News: Go Canada!


May I also present a "White House Christmas Card" to further my position left of centre:

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Thanks to Joe for this.

And for telling me that one can't leave comments on my Live Space. I'll come back here :)

Also, two T-shirts I will buy when I get my $10million dollar movie contract:

Saturday, December 02, 2006

"Who the hell can see forever anyway?"

Lyrics for the night

Please, remember me
I heard from someone you're still pretty
And then
They went on to say
That the pearly gates
Had some eloquent graffiti
Like 'We'll meet again'
And 'Fuck the man'
And 'Tell my mother not to worry'