Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Windows into my Thoughts

I've been thinking lately that my brain is a little like a computer with a single-core processor and a tiny hard drive that I try to use like a multi-core processor with a big hard drive. At least I have a lot of random access memory.

I made the following diagram ("I make a lot of graphs"), to illustrate what my brain would be like if it were a computer. This is of course just what it looks like when I'm sitting around drinking coffee or not paying attention in class. When I have other tasks... well that's when I start getting error messages and freezing up.

You can click on it for a larger view, as I'm sure you all want to.

(PS: First person to make USB or other port-related jokes is on time out)


Andrew said...

Why is Ewan wrapped in a quilt? Do you like your men comfy and cared for by their grandmothers?

Liz said...

Goddamn spelling police are here again...

You know the stupid thing is, that I looked at that last night, said to myseld "that's not how you spell kilt," and like an idiot hit spell check. Clearly that function is not present in Liz's Brain.