Saturday, September 10, 2005

Found in Translation

Finally! I actually found a movie both my guy and I can enjoy.
I think it would actually be impossible for anyone not to like Lost in Translation. What an awesome movie. I had been hearing nothing but "What?! You haven't seen it?" for months and I finally rented the darn thing.

I love this movie for so many reasons. I suppose if I wanted to have a focussed well-written blog, I could pick a couple of those and expand on them. Silly me. I thought I was just killing time waiting for the insomnia to wear off.

To start, the acting in the movie is stellar. I think I'm always taken with Bill Murray because he has this ability to be both totally over the top and incredibly subtle whenever needed. He and Scarlett Johannson exchange some of the best "loving" looks in this picture I've seen in any film.
I adore the scene where Bob carries Charlotte back to her room. When he's walking down the hall with her in his arms and there's this inexplicable relationship forming between them.
I love the scene when Bob is filming the commercial and looks into the camera trying to be more "intense".
The scene where Charlotte's husband John is with her having dinner with the actress, is hillarious.

Anyways, to summarize: Great movie. Don't know if I'm that keen to visit Tokyo now though.

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