Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tuesday has always been my favourite day of the week

Tuesday was always "Grandma day" :)
When I was too young to babysit myself I had various caregivers after school, and every Tuesday was the day my Grandma came to look after me. I always looked forward to this day, and I still have this attachment to Tuesdays as my favourite day of the week.

Four reasons THIS Tuesday was a great day:

1. Authentic movement in Acting class. Any day with authentic movement is a good day.

2. I bought my Shakespeare text book finally, now I can actually do my readings and, like everyone else, bitch about how all he does is lecture about the readings we should have already done.

3. Free chocolate. mmmm chocolate.

4. Discussing characters in RPGs vs Star Wars characters with Matt. We shared a very special moment when Matt said "Final Fantasy III is better than life". This is too true.

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