Monday, February 20, 2006


This wasn't one of those survey-post this on your blog- thingys. As will soon be obvious, this is just the random junk that has burst out of my head tonight... in lists:

Biblical names that don't seem to be as popular for new borns:

Things I tried to do last night (after The Grand with Erica), that I should not do under the influence of Alexandre Keith's:
-blog (thankfully my senses over-powered my temptation to hit the publish button)
-write poetry
-go through my Hamlet script and cross out various lines and replace them with dialogue from Star Wars
-watch "Drop Zone" (actually this shouldn't be done under ANY circumstances)

Thoughts on current events:
-cartoons don't hurt anyone... that's what VPs are for
-seriously though people, they're just cartoons
-am I a bad Canadian? I'm sorry I just can't help but cheer for the underdogs. The Women's Hockey team has my back, but I was kind of pleasantly amused about Switzerland and Finland against the men

The Next 3 songs that are on my WM playlist:

-Cannonball, Damien Rice
-Someday you will be loved, Death Cab for Cutie
-Not a Pretty Girl, Ani DiFranco

-I think I am going to follow this up with "The Rainbow Connection" for good measure... and happier dreams

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Angelo said...

If I ever have a daughter, I shall name her Bathsheba.