Friday, March 03, 2006

An audience poll

I will post when I have something of value to say. In the meantime... who is reading this? I mean I know a couple of you, but Andrew already has to listen to every dippy thought that comes out of my head most days anyways, and I'm worried Angelo won't comment any more because of my enjoyment of the movie Crash. Please comment :)

Not a complete change in subject I suppose:

An approximated script of a humourous phone conversation from two nights ago-

Steph: I want you to play a patient in the hospital who has a dependent personality disorder. You are very clingy and needy. You depend on other people's praise for your own self confidence and seek others approval before you do anything. You're very indecisive and weak willed.

Liz: You can be committed for that?!

1 comment:

Angelo said...

Here's your stinkin' comment!

Sorry. I've been shirking my blog duties lately.

Oh, you're forgiven. But Paul Haggis...well, he owes me bigtime. I expect him to send his Oscar my way tonight to compensate for my having seen Crash twice. the bedmobile!