Sunday, June 04, 2006

Liz BA

For all of the times I've made fun of people at the Oscars who don't know which side of the stage to exit on I sure did freeze up after I got my diploma. Actually I think I was still absorbing the amazing reaction I recieved from our dear madame president after she had caught me off guard. I thought it was supposed to be a quick handshake. Wouldn't you know, she asked me the question every university graduate loves to hear: "So what are you doing now that you've graduated?". I smiled and said "I'm going to be an actor". Anyone that was able to watch the WebCast (yes there was a WebCast) got to see what I thought was the only reaction that topped the girl that walked on stage to get her diploma in her slippers.

Other answers that I wanted to give to "What are you going to do now that you've graduated?":

"I want to be president of Laurentian University"
"I'm going to Disney World"
"I have one word for you: plastics"
"I'm planning on going to the reception afterwards"

*I would also like to note that my inability to find my way off stage after getting the diploma was actually symbolic of my not knowing what direction I'm going in now that I've gotten my degree.


Lala said...

Hey Liz; Congratulations; you are the best! Best of wishes in all you do...we'll have coffee (read:tea because I don't drink coffee) or chai tea lattes at a sidewalk cafe in Paris one day, watching the boys go by... Hmm, what does one drink in Paris when one doesn't drink coffee? Quelle probleme!

Liz said...

Thanks Laura!
Perhaps "une verte du lait"? That phrase actually will have to do for an entire trip to France along with "Je ne parle pas le Francais".