Monday, June 12, 2006

Upside Down and Sideways

So blogger just posted two things that I SWEAR I saved as drafts rather than published. Seriously, the "woodsy psychoanalytical" thing from Angelo, and the "Last dozen people to comment" thing from Luke. In both cases the material published was... hm... it was better that I took a moment and rethought my posting process. Sometimes things are better left in my head than posted up on the internet.

Also a lot of things are better left in my head when I've just finished working the 11-7 shift. Mayhaps I should turn in for some rest. Good night!



Yes I'm at work, but here's the deal. I got a list of stuff to do last night and worked myself silly trying to get it all done. I stressed that I didn't quite finish everything that I wanted last night and came in early tonight to get it done. Turns out that the To Do list was meant for two nights. It's 2AM and I have nothing to do. This is not terrible, but it will be by 4 or 5AM when I'm ready to sleep.

Two good things about work tonight: 1) I was given the assignment last night to create a database email all of the presidents of various student unions in Ontario so that they can email them about our place in case they're at a conference at Brock University or something. I told them I would probably take care of the SGA personally.

2) I am taking the opportunity to learn about the wine and food here, and more importantly wine and food pairings. I was excited to learn that my favourite cheese in the world pairs perfectly with my favourite wine in the world. Munster cheese and Zinfandale! Somehow I don't think that this makes me cultured, but at least I will learn why. The only unfortunate thing about this is that I am not learning about wine and cheese pairings through trial and error, but rather the books here available on the subject.

Well I think that qualifies as my 15 minutes. Boy did I ever need that break from... whatever I'm going to do to keep myself awake for another 5 hours.

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