Saturday, September 02, 2006

Almost Famous

As an official volunteer for this year's Toronto International Film Festival I will be given a small number of complimentary tickets to attend screenings of countless incredibly cool indie films. Now before you think of killing me to take my place, please note that I won't be able to go to "Babel", "Stranger than Fiction" or the special pre-screenings of Michael Moore's new films in progress as I have schedueling conflicts. However, I am intending on seeing D.O.A.P. which is intriguing from an artistic perspective on so many levels, a modern adaptation of MacBeth that is supposed to be awesome and a number of other wicked cool movies. Word.

In other, let's say amusing, news, I decided to take my G1 written test and passed. I then learned that I could take my exit test for my G2 ANY TIME I WANT. All this time I thought that I needed to wait a year before I could take it again, but I can go and do my G2 driving test any time at all. I decided to wait until I've gotten comfortable driving again, as it has been a while. If all goes well I will be a fully liscensed driver again in no time.

That's all for the world of updates. It might be kind of random like this for a little while as I am now bouncing between 2 and half jobs and the Film Festival, but hey it's all good.


Angelo said...

Please keep us informed of any interesting films you see there.

Liz said...

I shall!