Monday, September 04, 2006

Smooth Operator

Tonight I came into work and the new guy server (Ian) was in. I have to confess, I'm a little smitten. He's quite handsome and a sweet-talker. At any rate, we're chatting away and I'm helping him close off for the day, and he's very appreciative and we're mostly hitting it off. I manage not to say really stupid things I'm thinking ie: Him- "You're brave staying in here by yourself all night", My brain-"Well it is pretty dangerous mayber you should stay and look after me". Anyways, I'm in the kitchen polishing the silverware while he goes to punch out for the night. It's at this point that I look down and notice that my tube top has fallen down and is revealing a good portion of my bright red bra and a rather healthy dosage of cleavage.

Was I being too forward? I think his parting line, "Have a goodnight" speaks for itself.

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Andrew J. Root the First said...

Ian's brain: "Have a good breast. Yeah, that's the winning line right there. I'm so smooth."

Ian: "Have a good night."

Ian's brain: "What? Why didn't you go with the breast line? That was GOLD!"