Saturday, September 30, 2006

Liz's World of All Things Geeky

A couple of busy days with some news, but first-

Soundtrack of "The World According to Liz"-

Opening Credits: Little Plastic Castle-Ani DiFranco
Waking Up: Sunrise-Norah Jones
An Ordinary Day: Ordinary Day-Great Big Sea (because I'm a smartass)
The First Date: *ahem cough* Lightning Crashes-Live
Falling in Love: Between Us to Hold-Hayden
The Rumble: Not About Love-Fiona Apple
The Break-up: The Scientist-Coldplay
Getting Back: Ants Marching-Dave Matthews Band
Life's Okay: Sleeps With Butterflies-Tori Amos
The Mental Breakdown: No No No-The Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cruising: Girl Anachronism-The Dresden Dolls
The Flashback: Do You Realize?-The Flaming Lips
The Party: Jamie-Weezer
Everybody Dance Now: All These Things That I Have Done-The Killers
Sex Scene: Crash Into Me-Dave Matthews Band
Regretting: Red Rain-The White Stripes
The Long Night Alone: Each Coming Night-Iron and Wine
A Death: I Will Follow You Into the Dark-Death Cab for Cutie
End Credits: I'll Believe in Anything-Wolf Parade

So I went to a job interview for this cool night club in Hamilton (where, incidently, I unknowingly missed You Say Party We Say Die, Controller Controller and Stars while I was in Sudbury :p). I thought it sounded like a pretty sweet place to work, but as it turned out they wanted to "go in a different direction". My Dad said "What hire somebody incompotent?". I love my Dad.

Here's something awesome: Jedi Ka-nig-hats
Other possible dialogue:

"What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen death star?"

"Your mother was a fuzz-ball and your father smelt of bantha-fadder"

Vader: Luke, join the dark side and some day all of this will be yours!
Luke: What the curtains?

There's no redemption at this point. I am the hugest nerd of all time.

Ah yes and speaking of my geekdom, 3 points:

1. The answer to my previous entry about Miles Davis's Birth of the Cool was... a Simpson's trivia challenge in disguise! It's Lisa.

2. I got a webcam, and I am having far too much fun with it. Finally I've made the grand leap to the year 2001.

3. I plan to make a video entry soon. I will have some time off Tuesday evening, and heaven knows I have nothing better to do. Wednesday on the other hand :D ... well I might just have to leave you in suspense on that one!

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