Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Pictures to follow

It's 12:00 and I'm officially at hour 17 of 60 hours without sleep. I'm just about to hit that 20-30hour wall where I will be undoubtably aloof and useless (good thing I'll be at work most of the time). I'm still not totally sure what was going through my brain when I decided to volunteer for the film festival and continue to take regular shifts at both jobs, but here I am pulling an all-nighter only to hop on a TO bus in the morning and start right back up at the box office. Why might you ask would I partake in such an activity?

Today I arrived 5 minutes late at the volunteer office as a floater for the day (stupid GO transit). They informed us that there was a possibility that we could wait in the office until 11:30 without being assigned anything before they would send us home, which sounds worse than it is. I spent the first hour and a half watching High Fidelity and drinking some mighty fine coffee before volunteering for what I guess sounded to some like a boring job: Industry Initiatives.
I got the job of greeting guests at a hep restaurant downtown (where they schmmoooze with Canadian Film industry folks and network) and to seat guests for the panel discussions. Today's discussion (which I got to sit in on) was Documentary in War and Conflict. Life is good.

The not so good news of the weekend is that I can't see any of the movies I intended to see due to Sell-outs or scheduelling conflicts. None the less I intend to enjoy my crazy week, and if you don't here from me for a while... I'M LOST IN TORONTO PLEASE COME FIND ME!

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