Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Because if anyone should be a therapist...

My recent peak of interest is in a program called Creative Art Therapy. It's a Master's Program at Concordia University aimed at using Drama as a clinical therapy tool. Essentially there can't be a better fit for me. It's exciting to find something that seems to be the right path, but it might be a touch precarious. I don't have any psychology credits, not even Intro. Now the program is set up as such, that I ought to be able to take these courses before I begin, but it does put me at a disadvantage applying.

On the positive side, you will not believe how effing cheap it is to live in Montreal! I found an apartment for $460/month for a Bachelor that is less than two blocks from the metro station and a ten minute ride to campus! The campus is right downtown and if you haven't been to Montreal, go. It's amazing.
This is the other part of my motivation for applying. Even if I don't get in, as long as I get an interview I at least get to go to Montreal :D

Now all I have to do is get my reference letters back, get my transcripts (shudder) and write a letter of intent. Le sigh.

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