Monday, November 20, 2006

The Star (a cliche monologue 2 years later)

Charlotte, 25, sits holding a cup, looking at it with disdain. She is at a table in a movie trailer. There is a script and some pencils on the table.

CHARLOTTE: Excuse me? I asked you for a low fat cafe latte with NO FOAM. There is foam in my latte. Can you not see the fucking foam? pause No, no, don't try again. I'll drink it, just leave me alone.

The invisible assistant leaves. She takes a sip and shudders. She picks up a script sitting on the table and begins to read quitely to herself, then aloud trying many different unsuccessful tactics.

But Eric you can't die, I love you! But Eric you can't die, I love you! But Eric you can't die I love you! But Eric you can't ActARRRGH! This is impossible. "Play it real Charlotte, I want to hear your voice". I think I fucking know how to act dumbass, I won the emmy for best supporting actor in a daytime drama in 1997, I'm pretty sure I can handle a bit-part in a B-rated movie. This guy doesn't know anything.

But Eric you can't die, I love you! But Eric you can't die, I love you! Christ! "Your voice" No one wants to hear my voice. They want to hear Miranda's voice, the character. Dumbass.

She sits and takes another sip from the latte and shudders

I didn't become an actress to play myself. I became an actress to play characters other people. People who are bold, and strong and brave, beautiful, smart, funny... anything but me.

But Eric you can't die, I love you- and there is foam in my goddamn latte!
Sure they tell you "be yourself" but you can't get anywhere in this business being yourself. No you have to fight for every inch you get.

Hi um I'm Charlotte, yeah nice to meet you, could you please tell me where studio 6 is? HA. It's all an act. Everyday, every moment. I am Charlotte Vanier and you will show me to studio 6. Charlotte Vanier is proud, regal, sassy, sexy. But what am I? Who am I? Be real?

"Charlotte, your boyfriend, what if this was him?" Truely? I haven't SEEN my boyfriend in three months. We don't have time to call, he's barely alive now. I don't REALLY feel anything. "Oh I'd be devestated" "Show me" "Show me" she continues to mimic him for a moment

Fine. You want the REAL me? I am scared, I'm weak, I'm shy, I'm not sexy, I'm alone. Why would anyone want to see ME or hear what I have to say? I might as well be-


Eric you can't die. I love you.

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