Friday, March 31, 2006

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Alone, by Maya Angelou


Lying, thinking
Last night
How to find my soul a home
Where water is not thirsty
And bread loaf is not stone
I came up with one thing
And I don't believe I'm wrong
That nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

There are some millionaires
With money they can't use
Their wives run round like banshees
Their children sing the blues
They've got expensive doctors
To cure their hearts of stone.
But nobody
No, nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Now if you listen closely
I'll tell you what I know
Storm clouds are gathering
The wind is gonna blow
The race of man is suffering
And I can hear the moan,
'Cause nobody,
But nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Alone, all alone
Nobody, but nobody
Can make it out here alone.

Sometimes I lose sight of how not alone I am.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Jesus had skills, like nunchuck skills

I wouldn't want a round house kick to the face by anyone wearing this.

Don't ask how I found this...let's call it a strange pilgrimage to find amusing Christian T-Shirts instead of finishing my homework.

There's these two as well:
(Something tells me the Christian apparel companies that produced these aren't seeing the irony that I am)

PS: I renamed this post several times.
Alternative titles:
"My Wildest Dreams Have Come True"
"The Stupidest T-Shirt I've Ever Seen (Napeolean, like anyone could ever know that)"
"The Happy Nails Club"
and "Pedro will save you"

Thursday, March 23, 2006

"People without imagination shouldn't go to the theatre"

What a great line from Our Country's Good which has really come around, the Acting I class should be commended. I was worried that it was actually going worse than the Acting I workshop last year, but everyone managed to refrain from crying out "God save me" unnecissarily.

A huge thank you to my sound op, Andrew Jack Root, for his help and for keeping me company- even if he didn't get credit in the program.

In "A Streetcar Named Marge" what is the name of the child care centre Maggie is sent to?
BONUS: What role does Lionel Hutz have in the play?

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A course of impious stubbourness...

I guess I just remember very well.

Not forgotten and still missed.
Thank you Will. YOU were the one that changed my life.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Kind of like writing a Shakespeare essay...

Lovingly stolen from someone I know quite well.

Here are the rules:

Get an iPod, media player, mix CD, or anything else that randomly selects songs for you. Answer these questions based on the songs that come out of them. What do these songs tell you about yourself?

This is the strangest mix of completely ridiculous and disturbingly accurate songs for these questions.

How does the world see me?
Song: White Moon
Artist: The White Stripes
Comments: Apparently much like Rita Hayworth. This would bode well for my acting career, but I understand she was shy when she was not acting.

Will I have a happy life?
Song: Human Behaviour
Artist: Bjork
Comments: Elusive. Pretty accuarte about my current state of happiness. People can drive me nuts sometimes, but oh to get involved in the exchange of human emotion...

What do my friends really think of me?
Song: The Muppet Show Theme
Artist: The Muppets
Comments: I almost clicked for the next song after laughing a little that this one even came up. But hey- we all share the same dream, and that makes us kind of like a family

Do people secretly lust after me?
Song: Someday You Will Be Loved
Artist: Death Cab for Cutie
Comments: heh... yeah... stupid quiz-thingy thinks it's so smart...

How can I make myself happy?

Song: Isobel
Artist: Bjork
Comments: The answer is pretty much what I thought: a blacklight puppet show.

What should I do with my life?
Song: Eskimo
Artist: Damien Rice
Comments: Clearly I'm going to live in an igloo and ice-fish.

Why is life full of so much pain?
Song: You Talk Way Too Much
Artist: The Strokes
Comments: As guilty as I am of this, people would probably be a lot happier if we listened to each other a lot more, and talked a lot less.

How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?
Song: Thank You Jack White For The Fiber-Optic Jesus That you Gave Me
Artist: The Flaming Lips
Comments: I... um... why... I guess a fiber-optic Jesus. Or Jack White.

Will I ever have children?
Song: Cinders and Smoke
Artist: Iron and Wine
Comments: Perhaps I won't have children but I'll be like a parent looking after someone else's kids.

Will I die happy?
Song: Brian Wilson (live)
Artist: The Barenaked Ladies
Comments: Evidently not.

What is some good advice for me?

Song: With God on Our Side
Artist: Bob Dylan
Comments: God's not on your side. And the US isn't always right.

What is happiness?

Song: In My Life
Artist: The Beatles
Comments: Being happy where you are when you're there, but never forgetting what meant a lot to you in your past.

What is my favourite fetish?
Song: Purple Haze
Artist: Jimi Hendrix
Comments: Well, he did have long hair and played the guitar!

How will I be remembered?

Song: Who Are You?
Artist: The Who
Comments: ... this quiz thingy is over.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

I've been drinking.... but not that much... so here's what I think

I run the lights for the funnest play ever. Nay, the BEST play ever. So excellent a play that is to any other play, hyperion to a satyr.

Man it's amazing how nearly a month's worth of (near) mental collapse feels so completely worth it right this second now. When I'm waking up at 6:30 to get the bus to Thorneloe early to scrub the stage floor that everyone's just going to muck up with their shoes anyways, I wonder "Why in heaven's name am I doing this?", but then I see from the lighting booth my friends... Luke, Steph and Andrew especially, acting their hearts out and really creating art. Tonight is the night when it all feels worth it, and I remember why I love theatre so much.

I will never forget this production. If you are reading this and have not already, please come and see this play, it is amazing.
They are the best actors in the world, either for tragedy, comedy, history, pastoral, pastorical-comical...

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A little late but...

I found this really amusing. Not amusing enough to buy the T-Shirt, but amusing.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

No I will not calm down!

Alright, so let's just say that I haven't been... tranquil as of late. I am sure that fatigue and stress have played a role, but I try not to make excuses. And for the most part I'm sorry that I have been so ill tempered lately. But tonight when my theatre program and current production was being insulted by a certain theatre student who shall remain nameless I got a little upset.
Now perhaps I didn't need to raise my voice or become angry, but quite frankly this guy has had it coming for a while. At any rate, I didn't get a chance to really take my rage out on him because I was apparently upsetting some people with my tone of voice, so my apologies to the blogging community, but a mini-rant was necissary. Fuck people who think that they know everything and that they are too good for Thorneloe! Fuck them right in the ear!

Actually... I feel really good all of a sudden. :)

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Facts and figures

When I was five: I talked a kid in my neighborhood into getting on the bus and going to school on the first day.

My mother told me: To keep centred.

There's this girl I know who: never fails to amaze me

I lost: my sanity over the past week.

Last night: I remember surprisingly well given the circumstances.

Once I dreamt: that I had gotten a bunch of work finished. I was really dissappointed when I woke up.

When I listen to music: I think about a story or a scene from my life as if it were a movie.

Last time I was drunk: I was very lady like maintaining my honour and dignity, and did not say anything embarassing or stupid to anyone, nor did I kiss anyone I probably shouldn't have. At least that's what I remember from last night... that's right... right?

Days until my birthday: 19 :D

If I was a character written by Shakespeare I'd be: female- Viola, male- Horatio

By this time next year: I will be just fine at whatever I'm doing, wherever I am.

I have a hard time understanding: My own though processes.

You know I like you if: I say as much.

If I won an award, the first person I'd thank is: Stephanie Woolger, as promised.

Take my advice: this above all- to thine ownself be true, and it must follow as the night the day thou canst not then be false to any man.

My ideal breakfast is: A Buddha Omlette with a fruit cup and flax bread toast

If you visit my hometown: you must be lost. There can't be a good reason you're there.

Why won't anyone: smack some sense into me.

I'd stop my wedding if: Dustin Hoffman ran up to the window and started banging on it shouting "Elaine!" "Elaine!"... who wouldn't?

The world could do without: birds.

My favourite blonde is: Scott ;)

Paper clips are more useful than: beads when making necklaces

And by the way: I much prefer the phrase "by the by".

The animals I would like to see flying besides birds (this is asuming I want birds to fly) are: A whole circus of animals... particularly of the Monty Python variety.

Random fact: Leading hand sanitizers claim they can kill 99.9 percent of germs. Chuck Norris can kill 100 percent of whatever the fuck he wants.

I secretly: lied on pretty much every "truth" answer for spin the bottle last night. Sorry.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Am I?

Your Personality Profile

You are sexy, powerful, and bold.
You're full of passion and energy...
Sometimes this passion has a dark side.

You feel most alive when you're seducing someone.
You never fail to get someone's attention.
Quick minded, you're also quick to lose your temper!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Sleep rock my brain

Sorry guys, posting has been particularily low on my priorities list as of late. Here's something to tide you over:

This is clearly the only thing that would make our amazing production more amazing... you know elevate it from a 9.3 to a 9.7 (for Claudius).

March 16-19 at Thorneloe University Theatre
Come see it!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

No Comments?

Oh man, my blog attendence might actually be worse than I thought... and to think I was going to post naked pictures of myself. Well, I guess since no one's reading there's really no point. Guess I'll just keep posting random stupid crap to amuse myself.

Friday, March 03, 2006

An audience poll

I will post when I have something of value to say. In the meantime... who is reading this? I mean I know a couple of you, but Andrew already has to listen to every dippy thought that comes out of my head most days anyways, and I'm worried Angelo won't comment any more because of my enjoyment of the movie Crash. Please comment :)

Not a complete change in subject I suppose:

An approximated script of a humourous phone conversation from two nights ago-

Steph: I want you to play a patient in the hospital who has a dependent personality disorder. You are very clingy and needy. You depend on other people's praise for your own self confidence and seek others approval before you do anything. You're very indecisive and weak willed.

Liz: You can be committed for that?!