Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Employee of the Month

My big fat Greek boss at the Cardinal once said that my accent was "Pompous", but then ran and grabbed his English phrase book when I gave him a funny look.

Once my Camp Director at Lakewood finished my summer performance review with "But I'm still glad you were on staff this summer."

Let's face it, bosses say stupid things sometimes.

But yesterday oh yesterday.

I was faint at work a few days ago and yesterday my boss at the Jade Garden asked me if I had gone to see the doctor. I explained that I was on some meds that occassionally make me very dizzy and that I was going to see the doctor in a few weeks anyways. She asked me what the meds were for and I declined to comment, which I think is perfectly fair, but she followed up with "Are they affecting your head?" I took this to mean "Do you get headaches?". I said "Yes sometimes" she responded, "Yes you see I notice. I see you are nice person... like I think you are good person, but it seems like there is something wrong with your head."

I seriously hope nothing ever tops that.

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Joe said...

I just had the worst night working at the hotel. It actually ended up with a guest accusing me of "KIDNAPPING" HIS WIFE.

The manager thought that was pretty funny. Apparently I don't strike people as the 'kidnapper' type.

I told the guest that it was against hotel policy to kidnap people. That didn't satisfy him for some reason... he made a big deal about how he was going to complain to the manager because of my kidnappish behaviour. Oh noes!