Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Sleep will come soon...

Hello all...

I do still exist. To many, my apologies for not being able to take part in the day of action as I was starting a new job (#3, although this is the first one with any reliability!) and to others simply apologies if I was supposed to remember to do something for you or call you or something. I suck. And I don't sleep anymore. Seriously I get like 2 hours a night. I have this combination of working everyday and insomnia. I think I might be going totally insane. At least I am no longer embaressingly poor! Soon I will even have my bills caught up.

My new job you ask? I'm working at Zellers. It's actually really great. The training program is excellent and they treat you like a real human being coming to work for them. I am starting to get the hang of the cash, and once I do it should get a lot easier from here on out.

And now, senseless violence:

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