Thursday, April 12, 2007

Something New

I'm off to Montreal for the weekend. I will be auditioning for the Drama and Development program which, theoretically, I will use to qualify for their MA in Drama Therapy.

This path is not so much the hard-core acting path as it is the "combining all things Liz and hoping that works out somehow" path. I would like to work with kids with disabilities doing drama games and puppetry, or at-risk teens doing Shakespeare and Classical productions to buiild character and team work skills.

But part of me still wants to just act. To just follow the dream, move to TO, get an agent and work the theatre/film/TV circuit. I suspect along with a part time gig at the Hudson's Bay Company :S yay.

For that reason I'm auditioning for York's MFA in Acting next Wednesday. I am doing a piece from Waiting for the Parade and Hamlet for my audition. I love both pieces and hope that my off-beat takes on them will play well.

Aside from that I just keep my fingers and toes crossed and pick up as many pennies as I can find.

Here's to a career in the Theatre Arts! (chugs glass of wine)

High diddily dee, an actor's life for me!


Andrew J. Root the First said...

Saaaay, nice picture!

Joe said...

Hope it went (is going?) well, eh!